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Wear the Rainbow with Custom Shirts

Adding a pop of color to your style whether it’s through make-up, accessories, or custom apparel can make a difference when you need to make a statement. Even beyond the rainbow of t-shirts to customize, fashion is constantly breaking out of the white t-shirt box. Fortunately, wearing colors isn’t difficult for most. Many people have a particular color or two that they feel a connection to. Whether this means the color shows up in their wardrobe, their car, or even the color of their phone, it can be easy to tell when someone has a signature color. Amber Schipper, owner and Image Consultant at the Siouxland House of Colour, makes a business out of finding someone’s color. And once she finds this color, she’s able to visually bring out their best self.

Woman in a colorful outfit holding a toddler.

Amber demonstrates the importance of color in a custom House of Color t-shirt.

The original House of Colour was started in the United Kingdom by image consultant Carolyn Miller in 1985. While the impact of color in paintings and in the art world created an entire field of study with color theory, it wasn’t until the advent of film and television that color’s influence on an individual generated interest in the impact of color (in lighting, clothes, makeup, and more) as to how others perceive someone. Using previous approaches to styling with color, Miller pushed the approach further by taking skin tones into account when deciding on someone’s best color and soon established the House of Color. Experiencing success over the years, it expanded into other countries, including the United States—which is where Amber found it. After looking for a creative outlet and learning about House of Color from an acquaintance, Amber fell in love with their mission and opened her own franchise in South Dakota in January 2021.

With Siouxland House of Colour ready to help clients look their best, what better way to promote the business than with custom apparel in a rainbow of hues? Amber came to Custom Ink knowing about the importance of color, so it’s no surprise that the Siouxland House of Color t-shirts are available in over eight colors. “I ordered an array of colors so that I have at least one for each of the 4 seasons. My clients can leave my studio with so much knowledge, plus makeup and t-shirts in their season!” says Amber.

Row of folded Siouxland House of Color t-shirts

The Siouxland House of Color design is printed on a Bella + Canvas Jersey T‑shirt in yellow, coral, charity pink, and heather sea green colors.

Fortunately, the t-shirt Amber went with had more than enough colors to match anyone’s style. The Bella + Canvas Jersey T‑shirt Amber chose had more than 109 colors to print on! With enough swatches to put most eyeshadow palettes to shame, the shirts boast over 10 shades of grey alone. There are trendy pastels like mint, lilac, and soft pink, along with more classic options like true royal, red, and kelly. The Bella + Canvas Jersey T‑shirt is semi-fitted and comes in 100% cotton or a poly/cotton blend for heathered colors. The neck label tears away easily, which is great for comfortable wear and useful for retail purposes. Having a solid t-shirt to use as her canvas meant that Amber could give her clients something they’d want to wear again and again.

Close-up of woman holding lip gloss and wearing a purple t-shirt with Siouxland House of Color printed on it.

Amber is ready to add some color to a client in her team purple Siouxland House of Color shirt.

Amber created her logo entirely through Custom Ink’s Design Lab, looking to make something sleek and memorable. “The process of creating my image and ordering was so incredibly simple!” Amber says. The logo features the large text SIOUXLAND in Burbank font over HOUSE OF COLOR in smaller Montserrat typeface. Printed in white ink across an array of vibrant shirt colors, it is easy to read and helps draw attention to the business. “When people wear your gear, they share your business and bring in more.” With Amber ordering the shirts in colors like coral, heather sea green, team purple, and charity pink, Siouxland House of Color’s custom apparel was more eye-catching than your average white t-shirt!

Amber was excited to have something fun to provide to her customers that could help represent her business. “T-shirts are always a hot commodity- each person that wears your gear is marketing for you! My t-shirts help my business by giving them a color to wear that looks amazing on them as well as being a walking marketing ad for me each time they wear it. I hope [the shirts] spark conversation not only about me, but the confidence they have gained and the transformation they have made in their wardrobes.”


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