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The 35 Best Fonts for Embroidery

A list of 35 font faces that are optimal for embroidery

Whether you’re creating custom polos for your team, or hats that highlight your brand’s logo, embroidery is an awesome way to add an extra level of polish to your design. This stitched on style makes it easy to create professional products for any occasion and is a great way to create durable long-lasting designs.

Just like screen printing, there are some special tips and tricks to make sure your embroidered design really pops, and one of the easiest ways to do so is picking the perfect font. With so many options to choose from, it may seem hard to know where to begin, but we’re here to help!

In order to help you get the most out of your embroidered apparel, we’ve prepared this list of the best fonts for embroidery, as well as a couple helpful hints so you can create embroidered custom apparel that truly stands the test of time.

Types of Fonts

First, let’s talk about fonts. When it comes to embroidery, the simpler your font is the better. That’s why sans serif fonts work best in embroidered designs. If you’re not familiar with the difference between serif and sans serif fonts, no worries! We’ve prepared a quick primer for you: 

  1. A serif font has short lines at the ends of the letters, making it look less blocky. One of the most popular serif fonts that you might know is Times.
  2. Sans serif fonts are just that–a font “sans” or without serif. A common sans serif font is Arial.

There’s also other font categories like script, handwritten, greek, and decorative fonts, which you can see in some our examples below and categorized in our lab. Some of these fonts also work great for embroidery, but if in doubt, remember the rule, simpler is better!

Elevate Your Embroidery

When we say simple, we don’t mean boring. Embroidery looks best in designs that don’t include a lot of small details and pieces that are difficult for the needle and thread to replicate. That’s why the sans serif fonts in our examples  look so great on your embroidered gear. They use solid lines and smooth curves to create interest while avoiding little lines that add unnecessary clutter on an embroidered piece. These crisp fonts will help you create custom products your whole team will love to take with them wherever they go. 

The 35 Best Font for Embroidery

  1. Alfa Slab
  2. Arial B
  3. Bangers
  4. Bebas Neue
  5. Bourton Base
  6. Bungee
  7. Calistoga
  8. Caveat Brush
  9. Chalet Bold
  10. Coiny Regular
  11. Creepster
  12. Dancing Script
  13. Eveleth Solid
  14. Fredoka One
  15. Fugaz One
  16. Girard Sky
  17. House Brush
  18. Jost Bold
  19. Lifehack Basic
  20. Lobster
  21. Local Brewery Regular
  22. Montserrat Extra Bold
  23. ITC Motter Corpus
  24. Neutra Titling
  25. Nickname
  26. Playball
  27. Recoleta Bold
  28. Rockwell Bold
  29. Salty
  30. Shrikhand
  31. Signalist
  32. Spicy Rice
  33. Taberna Serif Black
  34. Varsity
  35. Veneer Solid

Looking for some additional tips to help your embroidery stand out? Check out our help page, get some design tips, or contact one of our friendly experts to find out how to optimize your design for superior stitching. Our team is always excited to help you create a design that brings your group together for all of your events and occasions.

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