Team Names

Tennis Team Names

Tennis team names

Getting ready to hit the court for practice or a big tournament? Don’t show up without custom gear! If you’re in need of a clever or funny team name for your club, rec, or school tennis team, check out our list below! If you see something you love, add it to custom tennis team apparel and tennis sweats for your whole group!

Funny & Creative Tennis Team Names

    Smart Aces

    Tennis the Menaces

    Making a Racquet

    String Nation

    Heavy Duty Felt

    Alley Gators


    The Sweet Sets

    Smash City


    Courtside Connection

    Downright Smashing!

    One Hit Wonders

    Big Hitters

    Backhanded Compliments

    The Netminders

    Love Hurts

    Queens of the Court

    The Sweet Spot

    Game Set Match

    Doubles or Nothin’

    Net Worth

    Serve You Right

    Meet Your Match

    Wise Aces

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