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Sigma Nu T-Shirt Design Ideas

I was checking out the recent Greek shirts that have come in and, as always, it seems that putting the letters extra large, front and center, is what Greek life is all about.

No?  Well of course it is. You want people to know what organization you are loyal to!  But just adding an outline to one of our Greek letter fonts is not enough. Trust me.  Try layering your letters over your crest or mascot, maybe adding your letters to one of our design templates, or simply layering your full name over the letters. Read more –>


Jersey Shore T-Shirts

I tend to catch popular TV shows when I catch up on my recorded episodes, or run across a rerun, so I’m a little late on what I think is one of the best potential t-shirt design ideas to date! Jersey Shore’s T-Shirt Time.

Here’s the situation (ha!): Every once in a while, something happens that just has to go on a t-shirt. So imagine my thrill when the boys of Jersey Shore honored our favorite thing, t-shirts, in their musical (hm, does it count as “musical”?) rendition of “t-shirt time.” Some of my Inker cohorts were inspired to create the perfect t-shirt design for the occasion.

T-Shirt Time Design Ideas

It’s always t-shirt time at CustomInk, and just like the boys on Jersey Shore, we don’t want your shirts to lose their freshness.

Stay tuned for more awesome culture captured to a T… on a T.

Customize this featured design in the CustomInk Lab: Pink shirt, Black shirt


When I go about my day-to-day life, I try to take time to appreciate the little things. From the soothing siren of my alarm clock, to how well my sunroof dries my hair as I’m running late to work, and even how new construction always seems to be springing up (just for me!). Some might say these observations are weird, but they’re little points I notice. One of these small, but captivating, things…Type. Typeface. Fonts! Read more –>


For some, Homecoming is a night of dressing up, corsages, and dancing with your best friends. For others (me) Homecoming was a night of food poisoning, bad music, and a slightly orange date.

If there was a highlight of Homecoming, for me it was definitely spirit week. Being able to show class unity, getting to stay at school overnight to decorate the hall, and of course the parade of floats was crucial to making Homecoming special. Read more –>

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