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Posted By Jeff Gregory

It’s family reunion season! Temperatures and t-shirt colors are warming up, and families are turning to CustomInk to outfit every size and generation. We have an awesome collection of family reunion stories to read in the Ink of the Week photo contest. If you’re feeling inspired for your own family event, we’ve made it easy to get started – check out our lineup of family reunion design templates!


Proud To Be A Contreras

The Contreras family, originally from Venezuela, reunited in Cancun, Mexico, to celebrate four generations being together in one place. To show family unity, and to separate each generation, family members wore different color ‘Proud to be a Contreras’ neon t-shirts (complete with individual names on the back – not pictured). The colorful bunch was a perfect match for the warm, sunny weather!



The Spears Family

After Mrs. Spears’ husband was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, she decided to live by the motto that “life is not promised” and began planning a family getaway to Galveston, Texas, that would allow her family members to relax together. To express their unity, they designed matching t-shirts with personalized names and numbers on the back. The t-shirts serve as a reminder of the harmonious time spent together.



Family Reunion Flyers

The Ellis family had a great time designing their “BevFest” t-shirts in honor of the family’s matriarch, Beverly. They reunited in a city outside of Chicago to show off their new tees and naturally, had to take individual family photos on the trampoline! From babies to children to adults, everyone partook in the celebration.



Reunion at Bear Lake

Every two years, the Norby’s gather at a big house for a few days. Most recently, they visited Bear Lake in Utah. As first-time CustomInk customers, they knew they wanted each family unit to have a different color t-shirt, but weren’t sure the best way to order. That’s where the Group Order Form came in handy – everyone selected a color and paid separately! The end result: a great time spent in a beautiful setting.



Farquharson Family in Jamaica

80 family members traveled from the United States, Canada, and the UK to Runaway Bay, Jamaica, for a large family reunion last summer. With a mixture of youth, ladies, and men’s tropical blue t-shirts, everyone in the group was comfortable throughout the reunion festivities.


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