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St. Patrick’s Day Design Templates

2011 Pub Crawl T-Shirt

March is fast approaching, so my friends Mary and Jason have helped me create new St. Patrick‘s Day design templates. Each year, customers order shirts for local parades celebrating Irish culture. But, I have to say, most customers get their custom t-shirts with the intent of honoring the patron saint of Ireland with a nice cold pint.

If you and your friends are planning a bar crawl, what better way to keep track of everyone than by having matching pub crawl shirts? Heck, you can go one step further and number all your friends’ shirts to keep tabs on them. A quick line-up at the end of the night…and you’ll know if someone is missing. Or you can use the back of your shirt to list all the stops you plan to visit throughout the night. You can even get one special shirt made for your designated driver so people know you are traveling safely.

So, whether you are Irish or just happen to love corned beef and wearing green, you can’t go wrong with a new shirt! And when you clink your glasses together at the pub, don’t forget to say, “Sláinte” (slaan-cha). Here’s to your health! And be safe in your matching t-shirts for St. Patrick’s Day!

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