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24 Senior Night Quotes for Sports

It’s been four years of countless practices, endless drills, and intense games together, but the team’s senior players are about to graduate. The last game is sure to be memorable, regardless of whether your team wins or not. For such a special occasion, make sure to send off your seniors in style with custom apparel featuring one of these senior night quotes for sports!

24 Senior Night Quotes for Sports

The best years of our lives made better by the teams we’re on

Blood, sweat, tears, and teammates

It’s not how many games you won, it’s how hard you played

Life moves on, but my heart won’t forget the team that made me who I am

Gotta make this last game memorable!

As much as I learned in class, I learned more on the field

Wherever we go, whatever we do, we’ll remember this time spent together

Helping realize my dreams thanks to my team

It’s taken me four years to get here, I’m not losing now

Our time together as a team may be over, but the memories last forever

What I learned with the team will last beyond school

Doing it for my friends, doing it for my family, doing it for my team

One last game before I’m gone

It may be the end with this team, but it’s the start of a new beginning

Good teammates are priceless

Never stop shooting for the stars

Thanks for the memories

Years of hard work and perseverance; one night to make it all worthwhile

No matter how many games I won or lost, all that mattered was how much fun I had

Starting off as a freshman athlete, now I’ve got what it takes as a senior

Who needs friends when you have teammates?

Never forget to keep your eyes on the goal

I would have been nothing in school without my team

Time to show off what we learned in the past four years


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