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25 Funny Running Team Names

Posted By Kate Degen

Running team names

Looking for a funny or clever team name to add to your running team t-shirts? Whether it’s for your next 5k or full marathon, we’ve got some great team names to inspire you for tees or running tanks. We love to make it fun and easy to customize almost anything you need, from t-shirts to water bottles.

Funny & Creative Running Team Names

    Kickin’ Asphalt

    Lactic Acid Flashback

    Scrambled Legs

    Buns on the Run

    Off Like a Prom Dress

    Achilles Heals

    Tough Mudder T-shirt Photo 2012Strangers in the Night

    How the West Was Run

    Tag You’re It

    We Got the Runs

    It Hurts So Good

    Happy Feet

    Call Me A Cab

    Twisted Blisters

    Chafing Dreams

    Blister Sisters

    We Run This Mother

    Boltin’ Babes

    Finish Line Kids

    Sweaty & Sexy

    Yog Not Jog

    Marathon Mavens

    Sprint Squad

    Road Warriors

    Everyday I’m Hustlin’

Kate wants her work to impact the little but important moments in people’s lives—like birthdays, anniversaries, and family celebrations. She loves coming up with witty copy that might inspire someone to create an awesome t-shirt!

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    • Brianne Henderson

      My friends and I are running our first 5K and it is a neon vibe night glow run. We would like some ideas that are very clever that people haven’t used before. Do you have any ideas?

    • Trish

      Having some trouble coming up with a team name we are creating a team for relay for life.. I am having one heck of a time coming up with some thing… I want it to be fun but mean something my dad and I are both on the team and we are both cancer survivors. I you could help me that would be great!


    • Joanna L.

      We are searching for a name for the Marine Corps Marathon. We are signing up Wednesday, we want it to be fun. We will be fundraising for a charity that supports our Armed Forces. Less than 10 of us all women but we all have or had family in the service. Any help?

    • Becky

      Hi! A group of 6 women (ages 32-37) that I am teaming up with to run a half Marathon with in June 2014 in Duluth, MN. We spend a lot of time running trails and balancing careers & families and when we asked our kids about team names we ultimately cannot muster up a funny one! Clever is better, you have any ideas? check out the qualifying marathon at

    • Jackie

      Hi Adam,
      About 15 of us will be running a 5K obstacle course in Raleigh called the ninja challenge. I have gathered my teenage daughters and some of their friends, (16-19 year olds), neighbors and parents of some of the teens. This is all for fun, but we don’t all have something in common, except me! Coming up with sappy team names, but you gotta be COOL with teens, or they’ll jump ship! Can you help with suggestions?

      Thank you!

    • Jessica David

      Hi Adam,

      I have put a relay team together for the Colfax Marathon here in Denver. We are five ladies who are having a heck of a time trying to come up with a fun name for our team. We are simply doing this race for fun, so any quirky, funny names would be great!

      Thank you!!

    • Adam Levine

      Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for visiting CustomInk. Due to a recent influx in team name requests, the turnaround on getting personalized names has increased to about a week and a half. I will try to get you a name by next Monday. If that is not soon enough, I suggest you check out the Color Run Team Names I wrote for more name ideas.

    • Adam Levine


      Expect an email from me by early next week. Thanks for reaching out.

    • Adam Levine

      Hi Brianne,

      Thanks so much for visiting CustomInk. Due to a recent influx in team name requests, the turnaround on getting personalized names has increased to about a week and a half. I will try to get you a name by the end of next week, but If that is not soon enough, I suggest you check out the Electric/Glow Run Team Names post I wrote several months ago for inspiration.

    • Adam Levine


      Thanks for visiting CustomInk. We’ve had an influx of team name requests lately, so I’ll send you a few ideas by the end of this week.

    • Brandi

      I am trying to come up with a name for our color vibe team. I want something to do with wine if you can help!!!

    • Adam Levine

      Hi Trish,

      Thanks so much for visiting CustomInk. We are kind of slammed with team name requests at the moment, but I’ll try and get one to you by the end of the week.

    • Adam Levine

      Hey Becky,

      Happy to help. As noted in previous comments, we’re kind of slammed with team name requests at the moment, so expect a response from me by early next week. All the best!

    • Adam Levine

      Hi Jessica,

      Thanks for visiting CustomInk and requesting a team name. Due to an increased demand for custom team names, we are unable to get back to you until early March. So expect an email from me then. All the best.

    • Adam Levine

      Hi Brandi,

      Thanks for visiting CustomInk. As I’ve mentioned in the comment thread, we have been receiving a significantly high number of team name requests over the last few weeks, so it is going to be until early March that I can get back to you. Expect an email from me by then.

    • Adam Levine

      Due to the overwhelming response for personalized team name requests in the comments section below, we are unable to fulfill requests going forward. While it was something we quite enjoyed doing, we no longer have the manpower to devote to it. We thank you for the outstanding response and hope you find inspiration in the names above and encourage the community of commenters to help one another find great names for their teams.

    • Ang

      I see you are no longer coming up with team names,,, but how about helping with a shirt design for yall to print? We’ve got a Tough Mudder team of mostly police officers we’ve named “Five Uh-oh”. Something with a police badge would be cool or a funny saying or something. If you can help, that would be great.

    • Veronica

      My friends and I will be participating in a color run and are stuck!! We are all speech language pathologists/therapists. Thanks for your help!!

    • Adam Levine

      Hey Veronica,

      We stopped taking individual requests for team names since we couldn’t handle the demand, but we recently had a bunch of SLPs ask for some names too so I’ll send you some of the ones I sent them. Look for an email from me in a day or so. Have fun at the race!

    • Susan

      Hi, we are running in the biggest loser 1/2 marathon in Dec. 28 2014 at Panama City beach. We need help with a name. Can you give us any ideas?

    • Sara

      Hey there

      I am in Freetown in Sierra Leone working with CDC on the Ebola response. We have started a little running club of those of us here. Hard work, intense and this is a great mental break. Would love a fun name! We are govt, which thrives off acronyms so something g with a fun acronym would be great!!

    • Kristan Zenishek

      Hi Adam,

      We’re a team of 5 ladies (1 mother, 3 daughters (youngest is 17), and a friend….2 are veterans) running a 100 mile relay in Florida. I see your responses and know you can come up with something witty for us. Any help would be greatly appreicated!

    • Tabitha


      Me and my friend are running for cancer in January 2016 and are seeking a good team name. We are running for leukeia, lymophoma, and all blood forms of cancer. Do you have any ideas on a name? I would so love the help. Thank you!

    • Abby Newell

      i am part of a mixed netball team and we are all 16 years old. we have 5 boys and 4 girls, we would very much appreciate it if you would help us out with a name

      thanks, Abby

    • Erin

      My SLP cohort and I are doing a race also, and we would love if you could forward the SLP related team names to my email! ( If you don’t mind! Esophagals is the best we could come up with so far lol. Thanks in advance!

    • hardik purohit

      ‘Run to Unite’
      ‘Happy Feet’

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