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Our Favorite Roller Derby Team & Skater Nicknames

Posted By Adam Levine

all-star-roller-girlsOver the years we’ve seen many orders from roller girl teams come through for roller derby tees and tanks. And in honor of these fierce ladies on wheels we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite roller girl names to share. Check them out below and let us know your favorite, whether it’s on the list or not!

Ferocious & Funny Roller Derby Names

    Damsels of Distress

    Meow. You-Ow.

    Princess of Wheels

    Audrey Deathburn

    Polly Wanna Smack her

    Banana Slamcakes

    Bunz & Ammo

    Carpe Demon

    The Bond Girls

    Crash Test Lovelies

    Bottoms Up

    Buxom Bruisers

    Coco Carnage

And be sure to check out this awesome list of every roller girl on the international circuit. It’s massive and there’s some really creative nicknames out there.

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