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Inspiring Lung Cancer Slogans and Sayings

Posted By Alexa Kitchen

lung cancer

Help build awareness for lung cancer with a slogan or saying that will inspire those who are fighting the disease and raise awareness for others. A lung cancer slogan or saying is a great way to unite a group for a fundraiser or support walk. Check out our list of encouraging lung cancer slogans and sayings below. Don’t forget to look at some of our best selling t-shirts! You can design your own lung cancer t-shirt or tank top to bring even more awareness to the cause.

10 Lung Cancer Slogans and Sayings


    Lung Cancer Ills Form Strong Wills

    Lung Cancer: Just Beat It

    There’s a ‘U Can’ in Lung Cancer

    Lung Cancer Picked the Wrong Warrior!

    Save Your Lungs, Save Your Life

    Kicking Lung Cancer’s Butt, What’s Your Superpower?

    Fight Hard, Breathe Easy

    Let’s Clear the Air with Lung Cancer Awareness

    I Wear Pearl for (Name)

    For More Information on Lung Cancer, Keep Smoking!

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