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Go Green With These Great Green Slogans and Sayings

School Kids Going Green in Green T-Shirts
Need a great slogan or saying to promote going green? Being that the Golden Rule is one of our core values, we thought we’d spread a little planet earth love and share with you some popular ones we’ve come across. They’re a great addition to your green or safety green t-shirts, posters, hats, and for school or work projects for Earth Day or really any day.

Some Creative Slogans & Sayings to Promote Going Green

    Don’t be trashy!

    It’s not easy being green.

    Conservation doesn’t cost anything, but saves everything.

    Respect your mother (Earth)

    “I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.”
    -The Lorax

    Earth day, every day.

    Changing the world, one decision at a time.

    A gallon saved is $5 earned.

    Keep the country, country!

    Reduce, reuse, recycle.

    Don’t trash our future!

    Eat. Sleep. Hug trees.

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