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Going All in on All in Fitness with Caity Adams

There’s so much uncertainty when starting up a business. Logistics like location, equipment, hiring, and money are all necessary to take care of in the planning stages. Just as important in planning is how to handle advertising and self-promotion. While word-of-mouth is great for attracting clients, a business can also generate interest with custom merchandise—and once established, help maintain a connection with current clients.

Of course, one needs clients to start with. During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, launching an in-person business became even more of a logistical nightmare—safety and hygiene became just as necessary as paying rent. In spite of all this, Caity Adams decided to take the risk and tackle this seemingly impossible challenge. Having been furloughed from her job at a gym, she decided to use her experience (and what was in her 401k) to open her own training center. With gym and personal training experience from her previous job, she decided to follow her passion, sign a lease in Bethesda, Maryland, and create All in Fitness, L.L.C.

Woman in gym showing off a shirt with I HATE CAIT printed on it

Caitlin showing off one of her custom t-shirts

It wasn’t an easy experience to launch her own business in May 2020 during one of the worst times of the pandemic. Caity had to plan her gym layout, learn how to run her own business, and create a logo and website all while training her clients. Still, it was important to her to open the gym during this time. Says Caity, “During COVID, many gyms closed down. With the uncertainty during the pandemic, I wanted to create a space where people could continue their training with the security of being in a clean, safe environment and have the ability to exert control over their health in times of unpredictability. The effects of physical activity and nutrition play a significant role in our physical health; however, equally as important [are] physical activity and nutrition [in benefitting] our mental health.”

After opening to the public, generating and retaining clientele was necessary for All in Fitness’ success. Caity created a line of custom, branded apparel to promote the gym and give her current clients something to show off their reason for getting in shape. She ordered the OGIO Women’s Endurance Performance Tank and The North Face Mountain Beanie, both of which are well-regarded retail brands that could reflect the quality of All in Fitness as an establishment.

Woman wearing a beanie and holding onto a wagon

Caitlin staying warm with All in Fitness’ custom The North Face Mountain Beanie

The OGIO Women’s Endurance Performance Tank features breathable fabric with stay-cool wicking technology to keep clients comfortable at the gym. It also looks fashionable with a T-back strap, which encourages Caity’s clients to wear it even when they aren’t working out so they can showcase the All in Fitness logo. Equally trendy is The North Face Mountain Beanie, which is comfortable and eco-friendly, made entirely from recycled materials.

Caity designed the All in Fitness logo herself, which looks slick on the tank tops and beanies. Using a triangle to represent the letter ‘A’ in All in Fitness, she explains that it stands for change (as a Delta symbol), self-actualization, and a pyramid that one builds to reach the pinnacle. It also represents the three ideas embodied by All in Fitness: personal training, nutrition, and life wellness coaching. With such a meaningful logo, it was important that the products Caity chose to customize were high quality.

Woman lifting a barbell

The OGIO Women’s Endurance Performance Tank features moisture-wicking technology to keep you dry while you work up a sweat

The products are a hit with All in Fitness’ clients. “My clients absolutely love the products. They have made requests for gear since the first order! Not only did I use [the custom merch] to promote my business, but because of the good quality, my clients appreciated them and helped to spread the word as well,” says Caity.

In spite of the rough start, Caity is experiencing success with All in Fitness. “[Almost] two years later, here we are. ⁣ I have a booked schedule, doing what I love, with the best clients in the world. ⁣ I have connected with so many amazing people: businesses and friends—locally and people from all over. I could not be more grateful. This gym started with a pandemic and a red wagon, nothing left to my name, loss. But there is always light, somewhere. In the worst of times, there is always opportunity. It was the best decision I have ever made.”



Kendra is the Copywriting Support at Custom Ink. She has a background in art but she loves writing, so she finds a compromise between the two by creating comics in her free time.

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    • Kenneth Earl

      Caity is amazing! I’ve been a client for over a year now and it’s getting even better, my physical fitness, diet and nutrition, and overall wellness. Highly recommend her services.


    • Kendra Kountz

      We’re so glad to hear that! We’re excited to be working with her.

    • Linda Heitzner

      Caity helped me discover a love for fitness. She really changed my life!!!

    • Kendra Kountz

      That’s fantastic! We’re excited we could feature her.

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