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Funny Curling Team Names for Your Curling Club

Curling Team Name PhotoIt’s curling season! Yes, we said curling season. With the Sochi Olympics just a week away and the incredibly frigid polar vortex swooping down on the east coast, it seemed quite fitting to share some fun curling club team names with you. We researched long and hard, and thought up a few dandies ourselves. Check them out below for a quick chuckle, or if you are lucky enough to play, consider one for your curling club team jerseys. We ship to both the U.S. and Canada!

Funny & Creative Curling Team Names


Sweeping Beauties

Curling Me Softly

Legion of Broom

Curl Jam

The Outsliders

Stocks & Stones

Three Sheets to the Wind

Curl Power

Ready to Rock!

The Flintstones

Rock Solid


Hack Attack!

Curling Connection

Got one you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Larry Greenfield

    got into curling through a friends annual Thanksgiving activity with friends and family.
    our favorite team name we came up with was “Larry, Moe and Curling”!
    love the sport and I’m hooked,

  • John

    “Off in the Woods.” It makes defeat a lot easier when your opponents say they beat off in the woods.

  • Stuart

    From Toronto’s LGBTQ+ league:
    “I Swept With Your Boyfriend”
    “Man Chest Hair United”
    “Sliding Sexuality”
    “Rock Hudson”
    “Curl Power”

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