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Fun & Creative Purple Team Names


Are you in need of a team name for your purple colored t-shirt, uniform, or jersey? Whatever the sport, event, or cause, we’ve compiled a list of some great team names for purple colored groups—some from past customer orders and a few we came up with on our own! Check them out and feel free to use them on your custom jerseys, team uniforms, or face masks. They’re a unique addition to Alzheimer’s and Lupus Walk t-shirts. And be sure to browse through our purple t-shirt design ideas for more inspiration.

Clever and Funny Purple Team Names

    Purple Cows

    Grape Jelly

    Purple People Eaters

    Lilac Attack

    Purple Cobras

    We Heard it Through the Grapevine

    Purple Rain

    The Magenta Mission

    The Color Purple

    Violet Femmes

    Deep Purple

    Purple Haze

    50 Shades of Purple

    Purple Mountains

    Violets are Blue

    Loony Lilacs

    Plum Posse

    Lavender Lineup

    Amethyst Tryst

    Eggplant Emojis

    Raisin Renegades

    Will Run for Wine


    Orchids on the Move

    Juiced Up

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