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DIY Halloween Ideas – Parties & Costumes

Let’s get spooky! Halloween will be here before we know it, so it’s not too early to start party planning and picking out the perfect costume. We’ve put together some of the best (and easiest!) do-it-yourself party ideas and homemade costumes just for you. Check them out below and pick your favorites.

For more spook-tacular inspiration, check out our list of Halloween-themed team names and slogans.  We also have t-shirts that you can customize for your group. Happy haunting!

Fun Halloween Party Ideas

Pumpkin Extravaganza

What’s more festive than a party filled with pumpkin spice and everything nice? Light up your favorite pumpkin-scented candles and decorate the space with pumpkins big and small. Serve up some Halloween cheeseburgers for your guests. Cut jack-o-lantern faces into cheddar cheese slices and place them on your burger for a spooky version of a classic. Add a veggie tray, harvest chex-mix featuring candy corn, along with your favorite pumpkin-themed dessert and you’re good to go. For entertainment, have a no-carve pumpkin-decorating contest. Pull out the paint, glue gun, and all the fun and spooky accessories you can find. Have everyone vote for their favorite! For those who aren’t feeling artsy, set up a game of pumpkin glow ring toss. Place a variety of pumpkins a few feet away and simply use glow stick necklaces to toss onto the stems. It’s harder than it sounds! Don’t forget to order your jack-o-lantern tees for your costume or party favors. Now, you’re ready to go get your pumpkin on!

Sinister Soirée

Be prepared to get scared. Rent a fog machine from a local party store to set the scene. Creepy old toys, tattered dolls without heads, and black vintage pictures frames with scary old photos will definitely add to the spook factor. Light some candelabras and break out the murder mystery game. Make sure guests dress accordingly—you’re sure to have a bloody good time.

Here for the BOOze

This Halloween shindig is more about the chill than the thrill. Create a signature cocktail for guests to sip on as they arrive. There are tons of festive recipes available online, so you shouldn’t have any trouble coming up with the perfect witches brew. Make a spooky cheese board featuring all of your favorites, but add a few plastic spiders to make it feel creepy without going overboard. For a fun craft, have your friends bring their empty wine bottles and upcycle them into Halloween décor. With a little paint, you can turn your wine bottle into a jack-o-lantern, ghost, or Frankenstein. End the night with an extra special party favor—send guests home with personalized wine glasses, beer mugs, or koozies.

Ghostly Gathering

Let the haunting begin! Decorate the space with ghosts galore. Blow up a bunch of white balloons and draw a simple ghost face on them with black sharpie. Don’t forget to put the classic sheet ghosts on display! A sprinkling of store-bought cobwebs, skulls, and tombstones will give the space a spooky feel. Set up a photo BOO-th to capture everyone’s most frightening faces—ghost costumes are a must. Break out the Ouija board and tell your favorite ghost stories all night long. Get ready to have a ghoul time!

Scary Movie Marathon

First, choose a couple of your favorite Halloween-themed movies to screen. Next, it’s time to decorate. Exchange your regular light bulbs for red light bulbs to give off a sinister feel. While keeping the red lights down low, light some candles and scatter the room with cobwebs to set the mood. Keep the gore and guts to the big screen when it comes to the eats. Serve up some ‘Texas Chainsaw’ BBQ with a side of ‘Children of the Corn’ chips with some ‘Hocus Pocus’ punch. Print off some scary movie bingo cards (with squares marked for things like “they’re right behind you” and “theme song”) so you can be on the lookout for all of the thriller clichés. Let the action begin!

Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Let’s get creative—ditch the store bought costumes and make your own this Halloween. They’re easy, super punny, and will be loved by both kids and adults.

Ice Cream Cone

Dress in a tan colored skirt or pair for shorts. For your top, secure “sprinkles” around the neckline of a white t-shirt. Stripes of rainbow-colored cardstock cut into strips will do! Next, attach a partially blown up red balloon to a headband for a makeshift cherry on top. Attach a leftover piece of red cardstock to create a stem. You’ll leave everyone screaming for ice cream this Halloween.

Pig(s) in a blanket

Throw on your favorite pink t-shirt, strap on a pig nose and some ears, and wrap yourself up in a comfy blanket. You’ll be styling, comfy, and warm. This is the perfect costume to do alone or as a group!

Human Stick Figure

Put on a monochromatic outfit—all white works best. Use black duck tape to create a stick figure look over your whole body. Make a mask from poster board and string, outlining the edges with the black tape and creating a simple smiley (or spooky!) face with it as well.

Social Butterfly

Simply strap on a pair of wings and tape on the logos for social networks like Twitter and Instagram. You’re sure to end the night with tons of followers.

Deviled Egg

Attach a yellow ‘yolk’ circular cardboard cutout to a white tee, tank top, or dress. You can stitch it or use a glue gun. Throw on a pair of red devil ears and tote around a pitchfork and you’ll be the puniest devil at this year’s party.

Party Animal

Put on your favorite ‘going out’ outfit, then breakout that inner party animal. Throw on some animal ears and tail. Add some animal print paint to your face and body. Some easy examples are a tiger, cat, or zebra! Now, go get your party on.

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