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16 ‘Dad Jokes’ Perfect for Father’s Day Shirts

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What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question? Okay, but seriously, dad jokes are the best jokes, and while you don’t have to be a father to appreciate them, they are a great way to relate to the men you know who happen to have a kid or two running around. This Father’s Day, tell all the dads in your life that you love them with some custom t-shirts sporting dad joke templates that can make even grown kids groan.

1 This is Not a Drill

Father's Day Dad Joke Custom T-Shirt that shows a saw and says "This is Not a Drill"As I write this first description, it occurs to me that I’m setting out to explain a bunch of puns. I’m good with that, so long as we’re all clear that this is why we’re here.

This t-shirt design works on so many levels that it’s difficult to really nail one down in particular, but I’m going to try to hammer it home. This is a picture of a saw. But also, of course, the phrase This is not a drill has a double meaning which makes it a pun. Maybe you know a bunch of woodworking dads or tool enthusiasts. This one would also work for anyone who just really loves a ridiculous play on words. It might not be a drill, but it is a great shirt.

2 Punk is Dad

Father's Day Dad Joke Custom T-Shirt that shows a punk guy with a mohawk and says "Punk is dad"Punk isn’t dead, it’s just become a dad who takes naps because sometimes when one punk loves another punk very, very much, they wind up with lots of little punks who keep them up at night pogoing on the bed. Give a nod to the fact that, while he can’t have it his way all the time anymore, he can at least rock the casbah with a pretty great little backup band. It doesn’t take long to teach a kid three chords.

3 In Queso Emergency

Father's Day Dad Joke Custom T-Shirt that shows a bowl of queso and says "In queso emergency"Queso is Spanish for cheese. It’s also delicious melted in a bowl served with chips. I am pretty sure that melted cheese would make one feel better in basically any sort of bad situation, so I’m on board with the idea of eating queso when in dire straits. This one is perfect for dads who love Mexican food, cheese, or emergencies.

4 I Speak French (Fries)

Father's Day Dad Joke Custom T-Shirt that shows french fries and says "I speak French (Fries)"Having a dad bod is still trendy, right? The best way to “get this look” is by eating lots and lots of fried foods, starting with french fried potatoes. Your dad and dad friends can throw on a beret and this custom shirt to show off their love of fries, puns, and pretending to be cultured with this silly misdirect.

5 Totally Koalafied

Father's Day Dad Joke Custom T-Shirt that shows a koala and eucalyptus and says "Totally koalafied"Maybe he’s Australian or just loves bamboo. (That’s what koalas eat, right?) Or maybe he’s been fighting with the bamboo that your neighbor planted a few years ago that is now threatening to take over your yard. Seriously, what is wrong with that plant? Can’t it take a hint? Don’t just hint with your dad, though. You can outright show him you care by hooking him up with this cuddly shirt.

6 All About Carbio

Father's Day Dad Joke Custom T-Shirt that shows two pieces of bread high-fiving and says "All about carbio"Custom made for the guy who loves working out, working through a loaf of bread, or both, this design will call out his love of carbs and cardio. Get it? It’s the two words combined… also known as a portmanteau. Portmanteaus are the pinnacle of clever wordplay… a bromance, if you will, of two words… and this one will join together the two halves of his ginormous personality.

7 Cacti + Cact-u = Cactus!

Father's Day Dad Joke Custom T-Shirt that shows two cacti with a heart and it says "Cacti + Cact-u = Cactus!"It’s spelling! It’s math! Maybe he’s A. a teacher, B. a tutor, C. just a big fan of cacti, or D. all of the above! However you add it up, this custom shirt will make him feel less prickly and more comfy. All the better for all the hugs.

8 Turnip the Beet

Father's Day Dad Joke Custom T-Shirt that shows a turnip with headphones and says "Turnip the beet"Maybe he listens to dance music while browsing the farmer’s market’s fresh vegetables, sampling straight-from-the-farm chevre cheese while he bops to the music. Or maybe you just want to imagine him doing this. Either way, if he’s into music and veggies, this shirt is a straight ticket.

9 Orange You Glad?

Father's Day Dad Joke Custom T-Shirt that shows an orange and says "You glad?"Orange you glad I’m not trying to tell you a knock-knock joke right now?

10 Donut Judge Me

Father's Day Dad Joke Custom T-Shirt that shows a donut and says "Donut Judge Me"Fried dough + Sugar = Happiness and who could judge someone for wanting to be happy? Give Dad the chance to advocate for himself and the right for all citizens to pursue the joy of a delicious breakfast with a t-shirt that shows off that he loves donuts and is not about to apologize for it.

11 Let’s Taco ‘Bout Tacos

Father's Day Dad Joke Custom T-Shirt that says Let's then shows a taco and then says 'Bout and shows another tacoTacos are a perfect food. They have everything right there a handy carrying case. And if you can’t be eating tacos, the next best thing is talking about them. Maybe this can help Dad find other taco enthusiasts to discuss one of the best foods of all time.

12 Guess What? Chicken Butt.

Father's Day Dad Joke Custom T-Shirt that shows a chicken with an arrow pointing to its backside and says "Guess what?"Friends, I don’t want to set any unrealistic eggspectations, but this is the perfect joke. The rhyming is fun, it’s completely ridiculous, and even a four-year-old can grasp it. I’m sure you have others you like better. Others that land better laughs. Others that have more clever wordplay. But this one wins in its simplicity. Its silliness. Its use of the word butt. The whole shirt design is *chef’s kiss* perfection.

13 Cactus Puns Are Succulent

Father's Day Dad Joke Custom T-Shirt that shows a set of succulents and says "Cactus puns are succulent"That’s right. Not only are cactus puns succulent, delightful, delicious, and wonderful, but cacti themselves are actually succulent plants which means they have a thick skin and can retain enough water to live in arid conditions. The name comes from the Latin word sucus which means drink, juice, liquid, or spirit. You didn’t know you were going to get a botany and an etymology lesson here, did you? Well, you did, and I hope you liked it because every day you learn something new is a very special one. Now, wear this shirt, and tell everyone what you learned here.

14 Cutting Carbs

Father's Day Dad Joke Custom T-Shirt that shows a piece of pizza and a pizza cutter and says "Cutting carbs"Whoever said cutting carbs wasn’t fun clearly wasn’t taking it literally enough and some of the best dad jokes are ridiculously literal interpretations of things. The moment your eyes come to rest on a fresh, hot pizza pie, you know that your life is about to get 67% better. So yes, you can say that you’re cutting carbs while still keeping those things that are dearest to you in your life.

15 May the Course Be With You

Father's Day Dad Joke Custom T-Shirt that shows a putting green and says "May the course be with you"I would be curious to see the Venn diagram of dads who love golf and dads who love Star Wars. I’m sure there are a lot who are 100% here for both, and if you know one, this is the custom t-shirt for him. Give him the chance to show off his passion for one of the greatest space operas of all time while hitting the links with his friends.

16 Bad puns. That’s how eye roll.

Father's Day Dad Joke Custom T-Shirt that says "Bad Puns. That's How Eye Roll." with an eye roll emoji in place of the O.Yes, dad jokes are cheesy. They are silly. They are polarizing. But there are dads who love them. They REALLY love them, and you should celebrate those guys by getting a custom t-shirt, hat, water bottle, or something else fun in honor of Father’s Day.

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