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Crohn’s Disease Sayings & Quotes

Posted By Adam Levine

no guts no glory crohns disease team photoWhether you are living with Crohn’s Disease or know some who is, staying positive can be essential to your health and well-being. So to keep your spirits up, we’ve compiled a list of some funny, as well as inspirational Crohn’s Disease slogans & sayings for you. Check them out below and let us know in the comments if you have one you’d like to share!

Funny & Inspiring Crohn’s Disease Sayings

    No colon, but still rollin’!

    Crohn’t Stop Believin!

    No guts, no glory!

    This too shall pass.

    Crohn’s: More than just a belly ache.

    ♫ Just rollin’ with my Chronnies. ♫

    Crohn’s Disease takes guts!

    Running for the porcelain!

    Kick the crap out of Crohn’s!

    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but Crohn’s will never hurt me.

    Let’s get gutsy!

    Wipe out Crohn’s!

    Crohn’s no more!

    Let’s kick Crohn’s butt!

    Game of Crohn’s: A Cure is Coming

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      LOVE LOVE LOVE the humor! I needed it! Thanks!

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