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Christmas Birthday Ideas – 10 Ideas for December Birthdays

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Filled with hustle and bustle, December is one of the most hectic months of the year. The focus tends to be on holiday shopping, busy schedules, and cold weather. Those of you with December birthdays, we feel your pain! We’ve come up with ten Christmastime birthday party ideas that embrace the winter weather and holiday spirit. Don’t let your Christmas birthday feel like a curse this year—check them out below! And be sure to take a look at all the t-shirts and face masks you can customize to celebrate.

10 Ideas for Christmas Birthdays

    Bon Fire

    Brave the outdoors with a birthday bonfire. Provide plenty of chairs and blankets so everyone is able to cozy up by the fire. Decorate by stringing white lights through the trees or over the fence or deck. For eats, consider setting up a ‘Chili Bar’ complete with your favorite chili and toppings. You could also provide hot dogs for guests to roast along with all of the fixings. Don’t forget the s’more birthday cake! Warm weather gear such as mittens, beanies, or blankets make for the perfect party favor. As long as you have plenty of food, places to sit, and a roaring fire, you’re set for a blazing birthday party!

    Pizza Crawl

    Trade in the bar crawl for the city’s best pizza joints. There’s nothing better than some birthday grub with your pals. Pick a few different pizza places, strategically plan how to conquer them, and get ready to chow down. Bring along some candles and stick them on the pizza for multiple wishes—and to make sure everyone knows it’s your special day. If the weather is bad, host a do-it-yourself pizza night where everyone can get creative and make their own pie. You’re never too old for a good old fashion pizza party!

    Ugly Sweater Party

    If you’re willing to embrace the Christmas spirit right along with your birthday, we’ve got you covered. Invite guests to pull out the worst of their winter wardrobe for an ugly Christmas sweater party. Be sure to set up a photo booth with festive props to capture everyone in all of their tacky glory. Have guests vote for their favorite ugly sweater and give the winner a special medal made of garland to wear around their neck! Keep it casual with traditional party appetizers and drinks–meatballs, a cheese tray, chips, soda, and beer. If you’re looking for a festive favor everyone can put to use while partying, make custom drink koozies with funny Christmas-themed sayings such as “Drink Up Grinches,” “Let’s Get Lit,” or “Happy Elfin’ Birthday [Name].” Guests will love them and everyone is sure to have a jolly good time!

    Ice Skating

    Get ready to hit the rink for everyone’s favorite cold weather activity.
    Check your local skating rink to see if there is a party room available. Decorate the space with party balloons and streamers galore so the partygoers have a festive place to warm up when they are not on the ice. If you want to liven things up while skating, break out the party games by playing freeze skate (basically, freeze dance on ice) or ice-skating relay races. Provide hot chocolate and birthday cake for a post-skating treat. For party favors, considering giving guests a personalized scarf, warm fuzzy socks, or some hot cocoa mix. This party is sure to be a perfect 10.

    Hot Chocolate Social

    Ring in your birthday in the sweetest way–host a hot chocolate social. It’s super simple to set up a hot chocolate bar for you and your guests to enjoy. Set out some mugs, a hot water carafe, and hot cocoa mix options. You can also pre-make the hot chocolate in a slow cooker. Now for the fun part–toppings galore! Candy canes, chocolate chips, marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and whipped cream are musts. If you’re hosting adults, consider providing some Kahlua, flavored vodka, or Bailey’s to booze up your cocoa. Don’t forget to send everyone home with a special custom mug. You can decorate them yourself as a fun party activity or design your online. Hot cocoa and birthday cake? Sip, sip hooray!

    Winter Wonderland

    Embrace the ice and snow and turn your home in to a winter wonderland. Hang paper snowflakes from the ceiling, inflate tons of white and silver balloons, and decorate with glitter pinecones and tree branches. Glass bowls of sugarplums and rock candy make for pretty décor that can also serve as a treat. For food, go with cold cuts, snowman noses (carrots), and snowman arms (pretzel sticks) complete with hand made signs to describe the eats. A snow cone maker can be a fun add, especially for kids. Play some winter-themed bingo using marshmallows as the markers and pin the carrots on the snowman for party games. Skip the birthday cake and go with ‘snowballs’ instead! Set up a station with powdered donut holes and a bunch of fun topping such as sprinkles, chocolate chips, and vanilla glaze. This birthday party will be ‘snow’ much fun!

    Night on the Town

    Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up inside! Rent a limo, put on the perfect party outfit, and get ready for a glamorous night you’ll always remember. Have the limo pick up the birthday guy or gal along with their guests and take them somewhere special for dinner. Afterwards, cruise the town and take in all the hustle and bustle. There is no better time of year to drive through the city and enjoy all of the sparkling lights. End the evening with a pit stop at the birthday honoree’s favorite sweet spot, ice cream shop, or bar. The night is sure to leave everyone feeling super cool and extra special.

    Pancakes & Pajamas

    There’s nothing better than a birthday breakfast extravaganza. Invite everyone to join you in their coziest pajamas–this is seriously just as much fun for adults as it is for kids. Decorate the space ‘sleepover themed’ even if you’re having a brunch-time affair. A comfy seating area filled with bright colors will set the tone. For food, provide the ultimate pancake spread. Pancakes, of course, along with chocolate chips, fruit, peanut butter, whipped cream, and different syrups and butter flavors. Individual milk jugs make for festive drink ware. Fuzzy socks, a blanket, or comfy personalized t-shirts make the perfect party favor. Everyone will love lounging around in the cozy indoors.

    Birthday Decorating

    Forget the red and green and fill the house with birthday decorations galore. Take the Christmas ornaments off the tree and instead cover it with streamers and balloons. Replace all of those ‘Merry Christmas’ banners with ‘Happy Birthday’ signs. Make sure to ditch the Christmas wrapping paper and cover the gifts in something that only suits a birthday. It’s sure to make the Christmas baby feel like their birthday was not forgotten in the midst of the holiday hustle.

    Cookie Baking

    If you’re birthday falls before the holiday, use it as an excuse to go all out baking your favorite Christmas treats. Invite a few friends over and have them bring their favorite cookie recipe along with the ingredients. Bake away! If you want to have a larger party, provide pre-made Christmas cookies and a bunch of frosting, sprinkles, and toppings and have fun decorating. As a favor, give each guest a pretty plate or dish that they are able to use to take some treats home with them. Don’t forget the giant cookie cake with candles for you to make your birthday wish!

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