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Chess Club Team Names

Posted By Kate Degen

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Chess may be a thinking man’s game, but so is coming up with a clever team name! We’ve compiled a list of some funny & creative names we’ve found and a few we’ve come up with on our own. They’re great for your school chess team, local club, or for chess t-shirts to rock at an upcoming chess tournament. If you see a name that moves you, put it on custom tees, hats, and more for your whole group!

Clever & Fun Chess Club Team Names

The Pawn Stars

Knights of the Square Table

Unruly Queens

Diagonally Challenged

No Pawn Intended

Rook & Roll

Team ABC (Always Be Checking)

The Chessmates

War & Piece

Big Bishops

Chess 4 Life

R to D2

Yas Queen

Not Your Pawn

Bishop Brigade

Board Lords

Check Us Out

Chess Nuts

Pawn Shop

Ahoy Mate

Wild Horses

Check, Please

White Knights

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