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Birthday Party Ideas


We’ll give you the four 1-1— turning 11 will be so fun with a party from our 11th birthday party ideas!

Lizards Party
Slither, crawl, or hop— everyone will love this reptawesome Lizard Party! Cut out lizard footprints and lay them around the house. Get colored balloons and tape on lizard heads, tails, and feet for floating creatures. Get a tiered chocolate cake with sugar lizards crawling all over, alongside strawberries with candy lizard tongues and a slithering veggie tray— lay colorful veggies down the sides, and sliced cucumbers down the middle to form a lizard! Play a game of feed the lizard cornhole— paint two lizards on the platform with their mouths on the holes, and see who can feed them the most cricket bean bags! If you live near a science museum, see if you can get a group rate on the reptile exhibit. Or, hire a reptile expert to bring the crawlies to you and teach all the kids about lizards! For favors, give out iced lizard sugar cookies or sticky lizard toys.




Tweens are a notoriously tough age to please. If you’re in need of a little party inspiration, check out our tween birthday ideas for a guaranteed good time!

Art Party

An art inspired party is the perfect way to celebrate the Picasso in your life. Think colorfully for the decor— blow up balloons in red, yellow, orange, green, and blue; tape them in a cluster to the ceiling above the cake table. Add a little artistic flair to your snack table with “paint chips” and rice crispy paintbrushes. Use a popsicle stick as the handle, then dip the first half of the treat into melted white chocolate dyed with different food coloring. Serve up a cake in the shape of an artist’s palette, or if cupcakes are more your style, buy a real artist palette and paintbrush. Frost cupcakes in red, orange, yellow, green, and blue, and arrange them on the palette to create art you can eat! Give the artist in your life the palette and brush as an after party gift. Set each guest’s artist station with a smock (save some money and create them out of old t-shirts and ribbon), canvas, paint brushes, and paint. Hire an artist to come in and teach a class, or let their imaginations run wild. Make sure you have empty gift bags ready to go so your guests can take home their new supplies.

Movie Night Slumber Party

Does your tween fancy themselves the next Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorcese? Maybe more of a Johnny Depp or Julia Roberts? Make a movie night to remember with all the biggest stars! Send invitations on ticket stubs encouraging guests to bring their favorite pillow and blanket. If weather and space permit, set up a projector for a movie night under the stars. Opting for a cozier night in? Arrange your couches and chairs for the optimal viewing party. Play movie classics, like The Wizard of Oz, or go with timeless summer blockbusters, like Jurassic Park. For decorations, set up a faux concession stand complete with hot dogs, popcorn, and candy favorites, like Junior Mints and Red Vines. Make a bucket of popcorn shaped cake with birthday cake flavored popcorn spilling out of the top. To really set the scene, decorate with faux film strips and ticket stubs. If a store nearby has a dollar bin of movies, grab a few to tie together with the boxed candy as favors for more fun later Read more –>



Any 7 year old would be lucky to have a celebration from our list of fun 7th birthday party ideas.

Finding Dory Party
Just keep swimming and just keep partying! Bring Nemo’s BFF to life with this Finding Dory celebration! Create an under the sea tablescape with a sea blue tablecloth, coral, and conch shells as decoration. Twist green streamers and tape them to the wall behind the table to look just like seaweed. Get a 2-tiered cake decorated like an ocean with Dory on top! Or, bake blue velvet cupcakes with blue frosting and use pieces of fondant for fins and frosting for eyes and stripes to create mini Dorys! Serve fruit salad in a shark watermelon bowl— just cut a hole for a mouth and carve in jagged teeth. The kids will love starfish-shaped PB&J sandwiches, served with goldfish crackers and seashell pasta salad! Play a game of pin the fin on Dory and create handprint Dorys for everyone to take home— dip each guest’s hand in blue paint and print it on a piece of paper. Help them use white and black paint markers to draw on eyes, stripes, and their name! Everyone will leave this party hunky Dory!




Matt's Birthday

Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to tell your friend or family member how dear they are to you. And throwing a birthday party is a great way to show them! Focus on your birthday honoree’s favorite things and activities and go from there with a little inspiration from this list of birthday party ideas.

Traditional Birthday Party

With so much focus on trends and pop culture these days traditional birthday parties seem to have fallen by the wayside. Bring back your childhood by asking your parents for their input to recreate the more simple parties from the past. Start with handwritten invitations mailed the old-fashioned way, complete with a date, time, location and RSVP information. Make your birthday person’s favorite cake either from scratch or with the help of a mix. Adorn the cake with 1 candle for each year and don’t worry about setting the house on fire— the more candles the brighter the glow! Play a few traditional birthday party games to get everyone involved in the fun. Pin the Tail on the Donkey is an old-time favorite that will amuse guests of all ages. Some other ideas are Musical Chairs, Bean Bag Toss, and Pass the Parcel— where you wrap a gift in layers of paper and pass it around while playing music. When the music stops the person holding the gift unwraps a layer of paper. Start the music again and repeat until the final layer is unwrapped— the gift goes to who opens the last layer of wrapping paper.



One is fun and the twos are terrible, but you always love your toddler! Celebrate with these fun birthday party ideas for toddlers.

Circus Party
Your little one is the ringleader of this party! Have a circus bash that will send everyone over the (big) top! Fill the room with bright colored balloons with stars and stripes on them. Use a red tablecloth to design the treat table and use a cake shaped as a circus tent as the centerpiece. Offer elephant cookies, bowls of animal crackers, and cracker jacks. For the backdrop, get light up marquee letters to spell out the birthday boy or girl’s name. Get everyone in on the fun and hand out clown noses for kids and parents to wear! Buy a ringleader hat and striped top for the birthday babe to wear as they dig into their cake. For fun, create a ball pit with bright plastic balls in a kiddie pool!



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