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Birthday Party Ideas


Your last year as a teenager deserves a big birthday celebration! Take a look at some of the best 19th birthday party ideas below!

Let’s Fiesta
Break out the sombreros and turn up the mariachi music to ring in your 19th birthday south of the border style! Plus, who doesn’t love some good Tex-Mex food? It’s delicious and great for a crowd. Try a make your own burrito bar or a nachos station. Just because you’re turning nineteen doesn’t mean you’re too old for a piñata. Decorate the space with bright colors, an inflatable cactus, and a photo booth with plenty of mustache and sombrero props. Taco ’bout a party! Read more –>



We know that boys are made of much more than snips and snails and puppy-dog tails! Celebrate your little guy’s birthday with inspiration from this list of fun ideas that are perfectly suited for your birthday boy.

Fireman Party

Your aspiring firefighter will never forget this blast of a party! Call your local fire station ahead of time to schedule a tour of the facility for an extra special treat! Bring the boys back home and welcome them each with their very own plastic fireman’s hat before starting the games with an obstacle course. Test their agility with by dodging falling embers with a game of dodge ball. Create a ledge out of sturdy wooden boards to enhance balance skills. Test their strength with a relay race carrying water buckets. Play Hot Potato where all of the kids except one are in a circle. One stands in the middle of the circle and keeps his eyes closed while a red ball is passed around. When the one says “stop” whoever has the ball becomes ““it”” and moves to the middle. Have the boys decorate cardboard boxes to look like fire trucks that they can “wear” while they run around the yard putting out fires made of tissue paper tucked into shrubs and trees in the yard. Decorate with lots of red, yellow, and orange helium balloons and use white paper plates with black dots to represent the station Dalmatian. Turn red Solo cups into little fire hydrants with the magic of a black permanent marker. Decorate the birthday cake with red icing, lots of red/orange/yellow M&Ms, and top it with a toy fire truck. This fireman’s birthday party is sure to be a real barn-burner!



55 and feeling alive? Go big and celebrate with our fun 55th birthday party ideas!

Cooking Class Party
Love to cook and want to learn some new tricks? Take the party to the kitchen! For an at-home celebration, hire a chef to come and teach the group a new recipe. See if you can customize it to the birthday boy or girl’s liking— Mexican? Asian? Greek? It all sounds delicious! Give everyone a chefs hat as they arrive and set them up with a seat around the kitchen island to watch the lesson. Afterward, have everyone feast on their new favorite meal. Keep the cake simple by going “naked”— serve a cake with whipped frosting and preserves in the middle. Or, take the party to a favorite restaurant or cooking studio. As a gift to the guest of honor, get a special recipe card box and have each guest bring their favorite recipe to contribute. For everyone else, ask the chef ahead of time for the recipe that will be cooked and print it on a nice card stock for everyone to take home to add to their own recipe box!




Your favorite 85-year-old deserves a special birthday celebration with his/her beloved family and friends. Browse this list of creative and fun 85th birthday party ideas  for some inspiration. Whether you throw a big blow-out or host an small quiet gathering, your birthday honoree will be delighted!

Fishing Party

Gramp's Fishing

If your 85-year-old birthday honoree LOVES to fish, but might not be able to get out on the water as easily these days, plan a fishing trip with him (or her) and a group of their favorite fishing buddies. Plan ahead to make sure that he/she’s up for it and prepared for the adventure. Enlist the help of other guests to choose an easily accessible fishing hole or body of water. Provide comfortable transportation and plenty of sunscreen and shade for everyone. Plan to grill the catch of the day when you all return from your fishing adventure. Make a cake in the form of a tackle box with lots of colorful lures and fishing bait like gummy worms Swedish fish. This fishing party is sure to be a “reel” success! Read more –>



Turning 75 is a milestone to celebrate! Whether your honoree would prefer a smaller gathering or a huge blow-out, you’re sure to find some great 75th birthday party ideas here.


A lively game of bingo is fun for all ages! You can either design and make your own bingo birthday party invitations or buy a kit from a party supply store. If you make your own invitations, you can feature the birthday honoree’s name as letters on the front of the invitation. To make Bingo party decorations, cut large circles of poster board (use a plate as a stencil) and write bingo letters and numbers on them. Paint, color, and decorate the cut-outs and hang them around the party area. You can also buy white mylar balloons and write bingo letters and numbers on both sides with a black permanent marker. Hand out colorful bingo daubers to each guest when they arrive at the party. (Order daubers online ahead of time as they can be hard to find in stores.) A sheet cake provides the perfect bingo-card shape and you (or your baker) will have fun decorating it with columns, letters and numbers. If your prefer cupcakes, then write bingo numbers and letters on ping pong balls to crown each cupcake. Everyone loves prizes, so set up a prize table from which each winner can choose their prize. This Bingo birthday party is sure to be a grand-prize winner! Read more –>


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