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The MLB Teams with the Best Fan Giveaways

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Each year, Americans head to the stadium to see their favorite Major League Baseball team take the field—hot dog in hand. It doesn’t matter if you’re a diehard fan or more of a spectator, there’s something for everyone at a baseball game. After all, it is America’s favorite pastime!

Peanuts and game day excitement aside, there are plenty of other reasons to come to the stadium—like the giveaways! Teams give out all sorts of goodies like jerseys and bobbleheads, and even have special events, like “Superhero Night,” during home games. So with all these freebies in mind, we had to take a closer look to see which MLB teams really pull out all the stops for their fans. We went through the promotional schedules of 30 MLB teams and crunched the numbers to find out.

Which Teams Hand Out the Most Giveaways?

First, we looked at the overall count of giveaways from each team. The types of promotional items include t-shirts, jerseys, bobbleheads, duffle bags, and more. The St. Louis Cardinals stole the top spot with 49 individual giveaway items, giving their fans the best chance of scoring free swag at the game. Following the Cardinals in rankings are the Los Angeles Dodgers (42), the Chicago Cubs (41), the New York Mets (39), and the Pittsburgh Pirates (35).

We also compared the National League to the American League—it turns out that teams in the NL will give away 28 free items during the season on average, which is 11% more than teams in the AL (25 items).

Which fans are given the most coveted giveaway items—bobbleheads and jerseys? In terms of jerseys, the Los Angeles Angels are at #1 for offering eight jersey giveaways throughout the season. The St. Louis Cardinals (6), the Cleveland Indians (6), the Los Angeles Dodgers (3), and the Houston Astros (3) round out the list.

The teams that offer the most MLB giveaways for jerseys

The rankings changed when we looked at bobbleheads. The Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Dodgers both stole home with 12 of these giveaways. The teams close behind include the Atlanta Braves (7), the San Diego Padres (6), the St. Louis Cardinals (6), the Pittsburgh Pirates (6), and the Boston Red Sox (6).

The teams that offer the most MLB bobblehead giveaways

The types of giveaway items vary quite a bit by team, too. We found that bobbleheads were by far the most common item given out across the entire league (140 freebies). Other common giveaway items are: t-shirts (94), jerseys (46), hats (41), and caps (39).

MLB giveaways sorted by most common items

Which Teams Host the Most Special Event Days?

Lots of teams host special event days, such as “Star Wars Day” or “Bark in the Park,” but some had events specific to their locale, like “5-County Friday,” which offers the five counties surrounding the Milwaukee Brewers’ stadium tickets at half-price. The San Diego Padres lead the league at a whopping 166 individual special events, sometimes hosting multiple events during the same game. Following this southern California team are the Kansas City Royals (124), the Milwaukee Brewers (114), the Atlanta Braves (109), and the Cincinnati Reds (91).

When comparing them by group, the National League again came out on top. NL teams will host nearly 67 special events this season on average, which is 18% more than teams in the AL (56.5 events).

MLB giveaways based on number of special events

Which Teams Have The Most Family-Oriented Promotions?

Baseball games make for the perfect family outing, so which teams offer promotions tailored to the kids? After tallying special events and giveaway items, we had a clear winner—the San Diego Padres topped the list with 47 kid-friendly features, which is significantly higher than any other team! Next up in the rankings are the Pittsburgh Pirates (28), the Milwaukee Brewers (24), the Cleveland Indians (23) and the Seattle Mariners (18).

MLB giveaways sorted by kid-friendly promos

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