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Artist Spotlight: Keshaun B.

CustomInk Production Artist Keshaun

The Artist Spotlight this month is on Keshaun, one of our Satisfaction Assurance Associates. Keshaun is one of the many people who scrutinize your order and make sure your intent is communicated to the artwork and logistics teams.

Before he was finalizing orders, Keshaun was earning his BFA at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, focusing on painting and printmaking. He also spent three years as a scientific illustration intern at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

His current work draws on movies and pop culture, incorporating figurative elements with science fiction themes. Form and function play a big role in his imagery, and so he incorporates his realistic technique with the surreal. He wants the viewer to believe that his subjects could exist and function in life. I find that even in his abstract works there is a tangible atmosphere. The high color contrast and elegant way dark shapes filter in at the edges implies a vast space beyond what we can see.

Now, a little bragging… At CustomInk, when someone goes above and beyond their everyday duties to help a customer or fellow Inker, they get a WOW from their teammates. Each month the person with the most WOWs is rewarded, and last year, Keshaun won 6 times! He is one of many Inkers who represent our dedication to making sure our customers are happy!

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