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Artist Spotlight: Jeff L.

Posted By Kat Hubbs

May Artist of the Month

This month’s artist spotlight is on our own Jack-of-All-Trades, Jeff. He is literally on every team here at CustomInk. Whenever a team has more projects than manpower they call on Jeff. When there is something that needs taking care of around the office, Jeff to the rescue!

Jeff was into everything in college as well, where he concentrated in photography but had just as many credits in metals, jewelry, painting and drawing. He has trained his eye pretty well over the years doing photography, and so each project starts with him stumbling across a strong composition.

The compositions are one of the elements I enjoy most about Jeff’s work. The juxtaposition of straight lines and curves, diagonal shadows bisecting the frame, and the close crop forcing the viewer to see the rusty details. Each piece gives the subject a mammoth feel, heavy and immovable, with no more relevance to the outside world.

When I asked Jeff about his work, he said he is drawn to things that appear to have a forgotten history, especially industrial sites and equipment; objects that are rusting away in crumbling towns that time has left behind. They are a reminder of where we have been and how our priorities change with each new generation. Imposing structures that spark growth and create cities, yet fall into disrepair.

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