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Alexis Art and the Art of No Minimums

While there are certain advantages to ordering in bulk, sometimes less is more. For individuals who just want a fun gift, a custom-designed shirt or tote bag is thoughtful and memorable. For small businesses where overhead costs can make or break you, being able to limit unnecessary expenditures and waste is important—and being able to order as much as you need can be a godsend. For artist and small business owner Alexis Georgiadis, being able to print as much as she needs for her custom apparel online store enables her to bring her passion for fashion and design to the rest of the world.

As the owner of Alexis Art and Design, a small business focusing on unique lifestyle apparel, Alexis uses her background in fashion and graphic design to create eye-catching art that she offers on prints, stickers, and custom apparel. After graduating from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in 2019, she put her degree in visual communications to use by jumping into freelance and her own brand. “I utilize my everyday surroundings, sayings and more to put together creative images on my iPad. I’ve had so much fun doing so and it really does combine my two favorite things in the world: my love for fashion and graphic design.”

Woman standing in front of the beach wearing a hoodie with The Wave Wrangler printed on the back

Wrangle waves or cooler weather with a Hanes Ultimate Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie—Alexis’ design looks slick printed on the back of it.

Initially starting with stickers, prints, and phone wallpapers, she soon branched into the world of custom apparel. The three designs that she chose for her initial line all feature a cool, retro-style aesthetic marrying simple bold art with matching type. The designs are inspired by what she sees around her, and all work together as a cohesive collection.

While her merchandise line includes sweatshirts (like the Hanes Ultimate Heavyweight Crewneck Sweatshirt) and hoodies (such as the Hanes Ultimate Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie), Alexis expanded her apparel to include accessories—notably, tote bags!

Woman wearing pink cowboy hat shows off tote bag with Giddy Up Girls printed on the side

Alexis’ Giddy Up Girls tote bag has a slick design and helps any traveler feel prepared for whatever comes their way.

The Medium Midweight 100% Cotton Canvas Tote Bag Alexis chose for her “Giddy Up Girls” art comes in nine different colors, including natural. The durable fabric ensures that whatever design is printed on it will withstand everyday use and travel, and can carry a variety of objects. They pair perfectly with Alexis’ sweatshirt and hoodie, and complete any ensemble. Like other apparel, tote bags are great at catching people’s attention—and offer the utility of carrying more than any pants pocket.

The Medium Midweight 100% Cotton Canvas Tote Bag, along with the Hanes Ultimate Heavyweight Crewneck Sweatshirt and Hanes Ultimate Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie, are all available as No Minimum items from Custom Ink. This means that Alexis is able to order these as the need dictates for her online store, helping keep upfront cost low and eliminating unnecessary leftover store stock. Alexis can also order individual pieces for herself or for friends and family, which is great when you want to represent your brand.

Man surrounded by leaves wearing sweatshirt with The Adventure Addict printed on it

Alexis’ design for The Adventure Addict is printed on a Hanes Ultimate Heavyweight Crewneck Sweatshirt, making it perfect for wherever your travels bring you!

The No Minimum catalog goes beyond t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies—there are polos (see the Gildan Ultra Cotton Polo), women’s fit (such as the Bella + Canvas Women’s Flowy Racerback Tank), and athletic gear (like the Sport‑Tek Competitor Quarter Zip Performance Shirt) options. While it’s great to have the No Minimum products available for smaller retail businesses like Alexis, custom apparel makes for a great gift during the holidays or birthdays. Why not design individual custom shirts for everyone in the family this year?

For organizations, events, and businesses, the No Minimum product line extends to banners, flags, tablecloths, stickers, and even 10’ Canopy Tents that one can customize and order in limited amounts. All these promotional products are great to use as a way to get your name out there, at either a small or large scale.

Being able to focus on her business and order exactly what her customers need has helped Alexis Art and Design grow beyond stickers and prints. With her background and dedication to fashion, Alexis enjoys the work she’s doing in spite of whatever challenges come up. “I love what I do, even when I don’t see profit immediately. It pushes me to expand my boundaries and always think of the next thing my customers will love.” Alexis credits Custom Ink with helping her with her passion for creating custom gear. “As of now, my dream is all possible with the help of Custom Ink. “

You can find Alexis Art and Design on Etsy, or send Alexis business inquiries via DM on Instagram at



Kendra is the Copywriting Support at Custom Ink. She has a background in art but she loves writing, so she finds a compromise between the two by creating comics in her free time.

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