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40th Birthday Party Ideas

Posted By Alexa Kitchen


Turn an upcoming milestone birthday into an occasion to remember. Check out some amazing ways to celebrate your 40th birthday below.

Chances are by the time you are 40 you’re balancing a career and a family, and managing to do it all – that’s a true super hero! Celebrate just how “super” the birthday honoree is with a superhero themed party. Get creative with the way you serve up the food in drinks. It’s easy to give basic items a superhero twist by serving them in classic red, gold, and blue dishware. Plus, label the snacks after classic superheroes, such as Batman burgers, or Captain America chips. You can even make a green Jell-O treat to replicate Kryptonite. Also, set up a photo booth with plenty of capes and masks for props. See if you can find a cityscape shower curtain to use as the backdrop. It will really set the scene for some great super hero pictures!

40 and Still Hot
Just because you are turning 40, doesn’t mean you’ve lost it! After all, 40 is the new 30, right? Celebrate with all things hot to remind the birthday guy or gal that his or her mojo isn’t going anywhere. Make sure you decorate with all things red! You can even set out some glass bowls and vases full of red hots and hot tamales to add to the theme. Serve up some hot wings, Siracha meatballs, and spicy jalapeño poppers. Don’t forget the Fireball whiskey!

Murder Mystery
If the idea of turning 40 is ominous, make your birthday party a little uncanny. Murder mystery dinners are a fun and unique way to celebrate while enjoying a good meal and entertainment all in one. Check out a few companies who will host the evening for you. If you are more a do-it-yourself kind of person, there are plenty of instructions available online about how to host a murder mystery party at home. This is definitely an event your guests will be DYING to attend!

Photo Collage
If you aren’t wanting to throw a big party, but still want to do something extra special for someone turning the big 4-0, make a photo collage! Gather forty of your favorite pictures of the birthday guy or gal. It works best if you use pictures from all throughout their life. Find an open wall space or get a big piece of cardboard and start to lay out and connect the photos if the shape of the number 40. It’s easiest to do this if all of the photos are the same size – 3×4 works best! This sentimental gesture is sure to bring its recipient to happy tears!

Party Boat
A boat makes an extra special party venue for an extra special birthday. Cruise around the water with a few of your closest friends while enjoying some delicious snacks and drinks. Go with a nautical theme with blue and white striped décor. Use some twine to tie white lifesaver candies around napkin wrapped silverware to give it a fun twist. You’ll definitely make waves with this once-in-a-lifetime birthday party.

Amazing Race
Turning 40 and feeling adventurous? Take on the world with an amazing race themed birthday celebration. This type of party takes quite a bit of planning, but the fun you with have will make it worth it! Split up into teams, recruit some volunteers, and get ready to race! There are plenty of helpful instructions online regarding challenges, clues, and more. Don’t forget the posts race birthday cake! Everyone is sure to have worked up an appetite.

Wild, Wild West
Bring out your wild side with a western themed birthday bash. Break out the cowboy boots and plaid shirts and crank up the country jams. If you have the space, hire a mechanical bull to ensue some serious laughs. Buy some hay bails to add to the décor and they can even double as extra seating. Keep up the southern feel by serving delicious deviled eggs, fried chicken, and corn on the cob. Don’t forget to set up a watering hole with all of your favorite drinks!

Born to Rock
Get ready to rock your way into 40 with a Rock ‘N’ Roll style party. Send out invitations that look like concert tickets to set the tone. Invite guests to wear their favorite band or concert t-shirts or dress up like their favorite rock star. Blast your favorite tunes on the stereo, or look to hire a local band to rock the night away. Make sure to play some of the best songs from the year you were born! You can even get some inflatable microphones as props to use as décor or impromptu karaoke. Cover birthday cupcakes with decorative guitars, records, and music notes and your party is sure to top the charts.

Italian Affair
Have you always wanted to go to Italy, but never had the chance? Bring Italy to you on your milestone birthday with an Italian themed affair. Set up a special wine and cheese pairing for guests to try. You can also serve up some gourmet pizzas, and even represent the red, white, and green of the Italian flag with tomato, mozzarella, and basil caprese skewers. Decorate the tables with red and white checkered table clothes. Don’t forget to substitute a traditional birthday cake for Italian gelato!

Hollywood Glam
Party like a true celebrity with a Hollywood glam party. Roll out a makeshift red carpet at the entrance of the party to make guests feel extra special. Don’t forget the paparazzi! Have someone take pictures while people are arriving on the red carpet or set up a camera on a timer so guests can take one themselves. Make sure the guests receive a copy of the star-studded pictures to take home as a party favor! Put all of the attendees names on Hollywood star to use as place cards or to replicate the Hollywood walk of fame. Fill up decorative film strips with pictures from throughout the birthday star’s life. You can even have an awards ceremony for best dressed and most glamorous. Make sure the winners give their best acceptance speech!

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