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32 GORUCK Slogans and Sayings

Who would grab a weighted backpack and head out into the night no matter the weather? GORUCK groups, that’s who. And no ruck club can be complete without custom t-shirts with GORUCK slogans to make sure that everyone knows who’s part of your crew. So gather your friends, load up those rucks, and get some custom GORUCK sayings shirts that are bound to make your next outing even more unforgettable.

32 GORUCK Slogans and Sayings

  1. Go further together
  2. Extreme couponing
  3. Keep on ruckin’
  4. Pain doesn’t like you either
  5. Just gray man it
  6. Team up, ruck out
  7. Ruck now, sleep later
  8. Ruck, rucked, racked out
  9. Rock out with your ruck out
  10. Ruck on
  11. Go far with friends and ruck
  12. All night? Alright.
  13. All pain. All gain.
  14. Ruck it
  15. Ruck through the suck
  16. That’s heavy
  17. Weight up
  18. Let’s go, weirdos
  19. Flag out front!
  20. Slow down, flag!
  21. Inch by inch, foot by foot
  22. Get out and ruck
  23. That’s a terrible idea, what time’s the ruck?
  24. Rain? Ruck. Pain? Ruck. Dark? Ruck.
  25. Don’t think just ruck
  26. Mind over feet
  27. Just ruck it
  28. Ruck and roll
  29. Sandbags and sleep dep
  30. Weirdos who ruck
  31. Get under the log
  32. Go out and ruck

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