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32 eSports Sayings and Slogans

eSports slogans and sayings

Get plugged into the eSports scene and support your favorite team. Whether you’re on the stage, in the audience, or watching from home, these eSports sayings and Slogans will make all of your custom t-shirts and accessories pop. Now, let the match begin!

32 eSports Sayings and Slogans

Protect the payload

Lead the way with KDA

Just one more match

Make way for the DPS

I’m taking aggro here

Your friendly neighborhood tank

You get heal, you get a heal, everybody gets a heal!

Stay inside the bubble

Storm is coming

Grab the control point

Sniper, no sniping!

No spawn campers allowed

Comin’ off cooldown

Droppin’ in for the win

It’s better in the brush

Frontliners do it better

Supports have your back

Protect the ADC

Send in the tanks

Defining the meta

Shoot. Reload. Repeat.

Press F to pay respect

Click to win

Taste my skillshot

Winners never surrender

Dive the turret

Hittin’ my powerspike

Nerf this

Bring on the buff

100% Tilt Proof

Stay in the safe zone

Unleash your ultimate

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