Slogans & Sayings

30 Army Ten-Miler Slogans and Sayings

Army Ten Miler Slogans and Sayings

As the second-largest ten-mile race in the country, the Army Ten-Miler is an amazing opportunity for servicemen and civilians to race around the U.S. Capitol together. Whether you’re running solo or with a team, your long-distance run is more fun when you take it on in custom t-shirts and activewear. Add even more excitement to your trek around D.C. with these fun Army Ten-Miler slogans and sayings.

30 Army Ten-Miler Slogans and Sayings

We’re just here for the pasta

Beats standing at attention

Still easier than running laps

Left, left, left, right, left, repeat…

Putting boots on the ground 

This is my warmup run

Sweat, soldiers, and smiles

Romeo Uniform November

Army strong from start to finish

I don’t know what I’ve been told, this ten-miler never gets old

Race you to the mess hall

Banding together with my brothers in arms

Jogging with the GI Joes

No fatigue in my fatigues

Like marching but faster

This is still better than bootcamp

Going the distance in everything we do

See you at the rendezvous point

Deploying for long-distance

Stronger than your 10k

The only place where privates can be ahead of generals

I was ordered to do this

Commanded to run, choosing to win

Cruisin’ with the company

I didn’t enlist for this

Making the military look good

Is this what ten-hut means?

Touring the capitol on foot

Run from sea to shining sea

Dart around DC

Just Running Over The Capitol

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