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24 Furniture Company Names

Posted By Kate Degen

Creating the perfect home or office means finding the right furniture, so if you’re passionate about chairs, tables, and more, customize furniture company apparel for your whole crew! Whether you specialize in home furnishings or antique homewares, we’ve got t-shirts, polos, and gear to make your sales or delivery team stand out. Need some help coming up with the right business name? Check out our furniture company names below. If you see something that’s sofa-wesome, personalize t-shirts for your whole group.

24 Furniture Company Names

    Leather or Not

    Fittings Fit for Home

    Take a Seat

    Slabs of Wood Furnishings

    Modern Abodes

    A Minimalist Home

    Furniture Folks

    Comfy Cushions & More

    Sink In

    First Home Furnishings

    Crib Crew

    Dine & Sleep

    [FAMILY NAME] Heritage Furniture

    Farmhouse Furnishings

    Get a Room

    Under Your Roof Furnishings

    House to Home Furniture

    Turn the Tables

    One Nightstand

    So Good Sofas

    Bedder Furnishers

    Freaks & Teaks

    Fine Dining Rooms

    Nice Digs Furnishings

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