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The 27 Best Fonts for Laser Engraving

A list of the top 27 best fonts to use when laser engraving custom products.

A sleek design can really help your custom gear pop, but when it comes to truly eye-catching style, there’s nothing better than laser engraving to cut through the clutter. This decoration method uses laser precision to create high contrast art with sharp, precise lines that allow your logo or design to truly stand out. 

Laser engraved products offer you and your group a unique way to to make an impact with crisp, clean designs that highlight your style while looking classy and professional. Create custom pens that your clients and crew can take with them wherever they go, add a splash of flair to your favorite metal water bottle, or burn your group’s mantra into sleek wooden coasters.

In order to help you get the most out of your laser engraved products, we’ve prepared a list of our favorite fonts for laser engraving, as well as a couple helpful hints so you can create clean cut products that are engraved to perfection.

Keep it Clean

First, let’s talk about fonts. When it comes to laser engraving, simpler solid fonts are going to be your best friends. That’s why we prefer sans serif fonts for laser engraved designs. If you’re not familiar with the difference between serif and sans serif fonts, no worries! We’ve prepared a quick primer for you: 

  1. A serif font has short lines at the ends of the letters, making it look less blocky. One of the most popular serif fonts that you might know is Times.
  2. Sans serif fonts are just that—a font “sans” or without serif. A common sans serif font is Arial.

There’re also other font categories like script, handwritten, greek, and decorative fonts, which you can see in some of our examples below and categorized in our lab. These fonts incorporate thick lettering, smooth lines, and either sharp edges or smooth curves to help the details of the letters stand out in a high contrast environment. Remember to look for these aspects when choosing your font for your laser engraved design.

Made to Last

When it comes to your design, keep in mind the same guidelines for font. Thick, continuous lines stand out the best in laser engraving, allowing the contrast of the engraved design to stand out against its background. You can create sharp, precise corners and straight lines, or get more flowy with smooth curves and loops. Just try to avoid lots of extraneous elements like rough edges or fades. These tend to come out looking muddy when engraved. Keep this hints in mind and your laser engraved piece is sure to come out looking stunning.

The 27 Best Fonts for Laser Engraving

  1. Aesthet Nova
  2. Alfa Slab
  3. Arial B
  4. Bebas Neue
  5. Bourton Base
  6. Bungee
  7. Calistoga
  8. Century Gothic Black
  9. Dancing Script
  10. Dempster
  11. Eveleth Solid
  12. Fineday
  13. Frankfurter Solid
  14. Ganache
  15. Gelica Bold
  16. Gladiola
  17. ITC Motter Corpus
  18. Jost Bold
  19. Mont Heavy
  20. Neutra Titling
  21. Oswald
  22. Proxima Soft Extrabold
  23. Recoleta Bold
  24. Signalist
  25. Spirits Soft Black
  26. Taberna Serif Black
  27. Veneer Solid

Looking for some additional tips to help your laser engraving stand out? Contact one of our friendly design experts to find out how to optimize your design for a clean cut look every time. Our team is always excited to help you create a design that brings your group together for every event and occasion.

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