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Goating the Distance with Custom Apparel

Posted By Kendra Kountz


Person holding two baby goats while wearing a goat shirt for Fallen Oak Farms

What’s better than one baby goat? Two baby goats! They even match the design on the Bella + Canvas Jersey T-shirt. Photos by Fallen Oak Farms.

Baby goats make everything better. Fallen Oak Farms understands this. Owner and co-creator Shelley Fehrenbacher established Fallen Oak Farms and Tampa Green Houses after finding out firsthand about the healing power that nature can have on a person. When she discovered that her health improved after moving out to the country in Valrico, Florida, Shelley and her family decided to share the farm with others. Named after a magnificent oak tree near their natural aquifer, Fallen Oak Farms spreads mindfulness and the love of nature through tours, events, and time with their livestock—including baby goats.

Fallen Oak Farms was scheduled to celebrate the opening of their 8,000 square foot greenhouse expansion around the summer of 2021. The farm had gotten popular enough that, in addition to the need for more space, there was a need for custom gear—their team needed a way to represent the farm, and their guests had been clamoring for it! It was important to find the right company to go with, since Fallen Oak Farms isn’t so much a business as it is an entire way of life for Shelley’s family. “For us it wasn’t about selling apparel but instead about spreading joy and helping people get back to nature. Custom Ink understood that from the very first conversation,” says Shelley.

Figure showing off the back of one of the Fallen Oak Farm shirts while holding a Custom Ink box

Showing off the back of The Green Houses at Fallen Oak Farms design on a District Women’s Tri-Blend V-Neck T-shirt. Photos by Fallen Oak Farms.

And since running an entire farm was already a big undertaking, finding the time to create the perfect line of merchandise was daunting. Fortunately, Custom Ink’s team of talented artists helped put Shelley’s mind at ease. “After seeing how Custom Ink provides a team of professional designers to help with every little detail we thought we’d give it a try,” says Shelley. Because the farm is so close to Shelley’s heart, the logo for Fallen Oak Farms that decorates their custom apparel is equally personal and thoughtful. “We’re very detail-oriented and intentional, so we wanted our logos to reflect that. Our family designed the logos together.”

Person holding a baby goat and wearing a The Green Houses at Fallen Oak Farms shirt.

The District Women’s Tri-Blend V-Neck T-Shirt is perfect for tending to the farm—or taking care of the goats! Photos by Fallen Oak Farms.

Custom Ink’s team of graphic illustrators and design advisors were able to take all the sketches and ideas that Shelley’s family came up with and create multiple designs for Fallen Oak Farms’ custom apparel. The farm ordered hoodies, t-shirts, and even masks, with each  style featuring a different design. This helps highlight the importance of every part of the farm and showcases what makes Fallen Oak Farms so special. “We didn’t feel our farm needed that one logo that everyone can easily recognize but instead offer gear that speaks to the person wearing it. We’re so thankful that the Custom Ink design team was able to take each of these logos and make necessary adjustments to create the perfect logo!” explains Shelley.

Because Fallen Oak Farms offers visitors a chance to heal with nature and promotes mindfulness, it was important that their product lineup be comfortable and versatile. The Bella + Canvas Jersey T-shirt features art of one of the farm’s famous dwarf goats drawn by one of Custom Ink’s graphic illustrators, Alan K. The oak tree logo and new greenhouse design cover a wide range of products, from cozy hoodies (like the Hanes EcoSmart 50/50 Pullover Hoodie and the Hanes Ultimate Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie) to stylish women’s offerings (the District Women’s Tri-Blend V-Neck T-shirt and the Bella + Canvas Women’s Tri-Blend Wide Neck Sweatshirt). There’s even the Bella + Canvas Women’s Flowy Racerback Tank, which is perfect for their goat yoga classes! (Yes, Fallen Oak Farms offers goat yoga classes.) In addition to the t-shirts, hoodies, and tank tops, the farm printed the greenhouse logo on Customized Super Comfort Cotton Face Masks so that the farm could adhere to CDC guidelines in light of COVID-19.

Person showing off the goat Fallen Oak Farms shirt with a goat in hand.

Having a custom shirt to highlight some of Fallen Oak Farms’ dwarf goats was a great way to promote the business. Photos by Fallen Oak Farms.

Shelley and Fallen Oak Farms loved their custom apparel and the experience they had with Custom Ink. Says Shelley, “We’re so excited to post pictures of our new Custom Ink apparel and share with our followers how much we appreciate their customer service, attention to detail and products that make you feel joyful! For someone who is thinking about getting custom gear I couldn’t recommend Custom Ink enough. The feeling of seeing what you’ve worked so hard for actually on apparel gives you such a ‘ahhh I did it’ moment. And really I think we all need more of those feelings of accomplishment.”

Find out more about Fallen Oak Farms on their Facebook and Instagram.


Kendra is the Copywriting Support at Custom Ink. She has a background in art but she loves writing, so she finds a compromise between the two by creating comics in her free time.

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