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Making a Fresh Start with Custom Apparel

Lindsay Crotty Walsh and her dad Joe Crotty recently teamed up to open the fast-casual restaurant Crotty’s Cheesesteaks in New Rochelle, NY after Joe’s previous restaurant closed due to the pandemic. In order to make a fresh go of it, they knew they needed custom apparel for their staff, and they turned to Custom Ink to make it happen!

Smiling blonde woman smiling man, and two little girls all wearing Crotty's custom hats, custom t-shirts, and custom aprons stand in front of a wall of Crotty's custom logos.

Lindsay Crotty Walsh with her dad Joe Crotty and two daughters. Products featured: District Women’s Tri-Blend V-Neck T-shirt, Valucap Bio-Washed Hat, and Port Authority Value Full Length Apron. Photo credit: Lindsay Crotty Walsh.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastatingly challenging for many people and small businesses. The Crotty family is no different,” says Lindsay. “My father, Joe Crotty, has been in the restaurant and bar business his whole life (just like his father before him). His most recent establishment in Riverdale permanently closed last year due to the city-wide coronavirus shutdown.”

Joe had been knocked down, but he wasn’t ready to accept defeat. Lindsay was right there ready to jump in to help. “Being an eternal entrepreneur, he decided to partner with me (a former stay-at-home mom to two little girls!) to turn a challenging setback into a new adventure in Westchester – Crotty’s Cheesesteaks.” 

They dreamed up a menu that was bound to draw customers. Lindsay says, “In addition to a wide variety of cheesesteaks (vegetarian and gluten-free options as well) we offer crisply baked stuffed potatoes, salads, and delicious extras. (Our fried pickles being a fan favorite!) By recreating ourselves and opening a new business, we are partnering together as a family (a tradition long held by the Crotty’s) to bring wholesome food to a community we love!”

Crotty's Cheesesteak's custom logo is a circle with the word Crotty's across the middle. It also says Philly Style Authentic Cheesesteaks and Top Quality and Hot & Tasty

They wanted to put their best foot forward, so they decided to outfit their crew with new custom apparel and accessories, but first, they needed a logo. Luckily this was also in Lindsay’s wheelhouse. “I designed it myself! I wanted something classic that showed our name and a bit about us.” If you’re looking to make custom apparel for your restaurant but don’t have design skills like Lindsay, don’t worry! Custom Ink has you covered with an easy-to-use Design Lab and custom design services, so anyone can have professional custom apparel.

Working with Custom Ink meant that they had access to hundreds of products and could choose the perfect ones for their group. To make sure members of their staff have a polished and professional look, they opted for all-black products to show off the logo in all-white and chose Hanes 100% Cotton T-shirt and District Women’s Tri-Blend V-Neck T-shirt, and the Port Authority Value Full Length Apron for screen printing. They also had their restaurant’s name embroidered onto the Valucap Bio-Washed Hat,  With such great custom products as part of their uniforms, the Crotty’s crew is sure to stay cool and comfortable on the job.

She said that the custom products make a huge difference for their crew. “It helps make our staff feel like a real team! We are all working together (in matching uniforms!) with a common goal of bringing great food – to a great community. It’s also excellent branding and marketing! A number of customers have actually asked to purchase hats for themselves!”

She says that anyone opening a restaurant would benefit from getting custom apparel for their business. “It’s a fantastic way to display your name and help make your business and staff look cohesive and professional.” 

Get started outfitting your restaurant with custom apparel by checking out our curated restaurant collection.

Miellyn is the Copy Manager at Custom Ink. Her work has spanned marketing for television networks like TLC and Travel, educational content for Smithsonian and National Geographic, marketing and story for indie video games, essays for publishers including Random House, The Telegraph, and Smart Pop Books, and stories for press outlets like VICE and VH1.

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