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Custom Neck Gaiters for the Jobsite

There are so many options available for masks these days, it can be tough to decide what would be the best choice. A lot depends on what factors are important to you and what your daily habits are. If you’re working on a jobsite all day long, you probably want something that helps you feel protected and prepared for extended periods—a face covering you can keep close and that is easy to put on and off.

Todd in his custom neck gaiter

Todd Eckert in his custom neck gaiter and hat.

We heard from Custom Ink customer Todd Eckert, who is a woodworker and carpenter and does everything from cutting boards to full home remodels, about his favorite convenient and comfortable solution: Badger Performance Gaiter. Todd says it fills his need for an everyday mask that he can easily wear at work. He told us, “It’s great that it’s always there and only takes one hand to put it on coming in and out of customer’s houses.” He says that his colleagues agree. “Everybody in my field, team members and subcontractors wear the neck gaiters over traditional masks.”

red and purple custom neck gaiters

The Badger Performance Gaiter comes in two sizes and a dozen colors.

The Badger Performance Gater is made from moisture management fabric which makes it possible to stay cool and dry all kinds of weather. Its versatile design means that it can be worn around the neck, as a face covering, a bandana, head wrap, scarf, and skull cap. Even better, you can add your company logo to make it a custom gaiter to make you and your team look professional while on the site.

Todd wears his around his neck all day, every day. So whether he’s in the workshop, on the jobsite, at the store, or outdoors, he’s sure to be covered. And since he makes cutting boards, spoons, scoops, and other kitchen tools, he also works farmers markets during the spring and summer months.

The gaiter helps him stay cool while remaining close at hand if he needs to cover his face to talk to other people. He says, “They’re comfortable and also protect my neck from the sun on hot days. I like that I can just pull it up whenever I have to speak to a customer.”

At the beginning of the pandemic, Todd was working to remodel a bathroom to make it wheelchair accessible to a client with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), while at home he had a new baby on the way, so it was especially important to him to remain safe and to protect those around him.

Todd says that wearing a neck gaiter is a better solution for him than wearing a mask because he is still able to feel safe without having to keep track of an extra piece of fabric. “The traditional masks can be a hassle in my line of work but these double as protection from the elements and from spreading germs—which is pretty priceless.” They also transition to after-work time which, for Todd, means keeping the sun off his neck when he stops to fish on the way home.

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Todd in his custom shirt

Todd and his daughter at the farmer’s market in his custom t-shirt and custom hat.

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