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Taking the Stage with Custom Shirts!

When most people think about theater productions, things like the script, the actors, and stage design come up. But when everyone is out of costume, how can you still carry on with the magic of the stage? Fortunately being involved in the theater is a license for creativity—and these youth theater clubs demonstrate that putting on a show didn’t need to be limited to the stage with custom club gear.

The SEED Falcon Theatre in their matching gear

The SEED Falcon Theatre ready to perform in their matching gear

The SEED Falcon Theatre encompasses a wide range of visual arts including fine art, dance, music, and of course, theater. As part of The SEED School of Washington, D.C., it serves to promote and develop the creative and performing arts through education, production, competition, and entertainment. The SEED School enrolls students from eighth grade through twelfth grade and provides them with an intense college preparatory program through a public boarding school structure.

Kids in The SEED Falcon Theatre who participate in the theater program work together to put on multiple stage productions over the course of the school year. Some of their past productions have included “Little Shop of Horrors”, Disney’s “The Lion King, Jr.”, and “Bring It On: The Musical”. For the past few years, they have traveled from Washington, D.C. to Atlanta, Georgia to participate in the Junior Theater Festival.

The SEED Falcon Theatre at the Junior Theater Festival

The SEED Falcon Theatre strikes a pose at the Junior Theater Festival

Students from all across America travel to Georgia every January to attend the Junior Theater Festival, where they can meet other student performers, receive professional feedback, and attend theater workshops on performance and technical theater from Broadway professionals and stage experts. Every time The SEED Falcon Theatre makes the trip to the Junior Theater Festival, they pack their custom Falcon Theatre hoodies, jackets, and even sweatpants to stand out and show off their school pride.

Their custom gear has been a rousing success in a club where stage costumes are the usual go-to uniform. With the option to print their school design on jackets and pants, it means that SEED students can represent their school from head to toe. In addition to showcasing the school, the ability to customize the apparel provides an opportunity for students to directly influence how their travel apparel looks. One of the hoodies from this year was put together by a SEED Falcon Theatre student who used Custom Ink’s Design Lab to create an eye-catching design.

The SEED Falcon Theatre’s positive experience with Custom Ink kept the troupe coming back year after year. “The quality of clothing options with Custom Ink is top notch and we’ve never had a bad experience. Custom Ink has become our go-to place to order all of our apparel for when we travel as a competition team around the country. The website is easy to use and we always seem to find what we are looking for.”

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While having custom apparel is great for repping that school pride offstage, having a custom water bottle can help a performer reach the highest notes. Musical theater club Broadway on Broad at Temple University took this route with their custom gear and found it to be a smash hit.

Broadway on Broad at Temple University is a musical theater cabaret club that provides an outlet for students passionate about the performing arts. It is all-inclusive and welcomes students from all backgrounds regardless of age, identity, major, or any other defining factor. Their mission is to provide a safe place for people to share their talents and passions while creating art for the rest of the community.

As a representative from Broadway on Broad says: “Singers need to stay hydrated!” Any performer worth their salt knows the importance of H20 on stage. With a custom Broadway on Broad water bottle, the members could show off their club spirit and make sure they’re always ready to belt out a ballad or two. The water bottles were popular enough that the club returned to Custom Ink to create custom hoodies to match the water bottles!

Temple University's Broadway on Broad club with their custom water bottles

Temple University’s Broadway on Broad club with their custom water bottles

Whether you’re a performer on stage, a stagehand creating props for the scene, or the director calling the shots, the pride one feels after putting on a successful show is unrivaled. The camaraderie and memories created from being a part of such a performance is something worth recognizing and celebrating—whether from a simple curtain call, wrap party, or with custom gear.

Kendra is the Copywriting Support at Custom Ink. She has a background in art but she loves writing, so she finds a compromise between the two by creating comics in her free time.

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