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Custom Military Alphabet T-shirt Ideas

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custom military alphabet t-shirt designs "the full alphabet"

The current military phonetic alphabet, known as the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet, the ICAO or the NATO phonetic alphabet, was developed in the 1950s to help make sure that audible communications were sent and received clearly. Each letter of the modern English alphabet was assigned its own word, making it possible for the speaker to spell out words with clarity. It is widely used across the American military and civilian spaces. We think the military phonetic alphabet is tailor-made for some great group custom t-shirts, and we make it as easy as alpha, bravo, charlie, so read on for some ideas.

Classic Military Alphabet

We like the idea of getting custom shirts with the whole alphabet spelled out in a row. Not only is it a nod to a great device, but it could be used as a tool to help others learn this helpful alphabet.

Another way to represent the phonetic alphabet is by spelling out popular military alphabet sayings. Here are t-shirt design ideas for a few of our favorites.

Bravo Zulu (good job)custom military alphabet t-shirt design "bravo zulu"

Use this design to celebrate the end of an important project or to show them you’re proud of the job they’re doing.

Charlie Mike (continue mission)custom military alphabet t-shirt design "charlie mike"

Perfect for PT, get this shirt for your workout group or any other activity where they might need a little extra motivation. The “continue mission” message will help remind everyone to keep going no matter how much they might want to quit.

Lima Charlie (loud and clear)custom military alphabet t-shirt design "lima charlie"

Show you’re listening with a shirt that says it for you.

Oscar Mike (on the move)custom military alphabet t-shirt design "oscar mike"

Keep everyone up and moving with this shirt that’s about anything but standing still. This is another great option for a workout group or anyone needing a little extra push.

Tango Mike (thanks much) or Tango Yankee (thank you)custom military alphabet t-shirt design"tango mike"

It’s always a good idea to remember to say please and thank you. Let this shirt be the little extra reminder that some of us still need.

Whiskey Delta (well done)custom military alphabet t-shirt design "whiskey delta"

Reward your team for a job well done by giving them this shirt. It’s a great way to recognize a team and help them remember the great moments together. Add an event name and a date to really cement the memory.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (WTF)custom military alphabet t-shirt design "whiskey tango foxtrot"

Possibly the most popular of the military alphabet sayings, this shirt is bound to make an impression wherever you wear it.

military t-shirt design templates

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