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How Custom Ink works

This post is a playground! Everything can be edited in our Design Lab and all of the designs shown in this post are templates. You can use them as-is or add to them, adjust them, change colors, and change the product that you print them on. You can also make any order into a group order where you can share a link with your friends and family so that they can get their very own version of your great design. They can each place orders, pay, and have their items shipped directly to them. Bottom line: Have fun with it!

Raise your hand if you take your phone everywhere. Raise your other hand if you start to panic when you think you’ve misplaced it. Yep, we definitely relate. So maybe we have a slight problem but put that aside for a sec and focus on this. When it comes to expressing yourself we can’t think of an easier way to do it than with something like a custom phone case! Check out these designs and get inspired to create a custom case of your own to show off everywhere you go. Okay, not the bathroom, please. 

For Fun:  

Custom Full Color iPhone X Phone Case

blue custom iphone x case with the see, hear, speak no evil monkeys

Your phone is a safe haven. With all the crazy stuff going in the world you definitely have no time for negative energy and drama in your texts. Rock this fun yet effective, “See, hear, speak no evil” custom full-color phone case and maintain good vibes and that positive aura.


Custom Full Color iPhone 7 Phone Case 

mint colored custom iphone 7 case with clip art whale that says say it don't spray it

Deep down, we’re all still little kids at heart. Throw it back to grade school with this cute custom full-color phone case with a phrase we’re all guilty of saying at some point. Use it as is or customize with thousands of images in our clipart library. Besides, we’re sure some of you still say this from time to time. 


Custom Full Color iPhone 8 Phone Case

red custom Full Color iPhone 8 Phone Case with navy Life is Better at the Beach clipart

There’s no shame in being a self-proclaimed beach bum and now you can let everyone know what you’re all about with this bold design on your new custom full-color phone case. Show that you’re 100% down for getting that tan, eating good food, and catching those waves. We agree it’s way better than spending another day in class or at the office. 

For Business


Custom Full Color Galaxy S7 Phone Case

Gray Custom Full Color Galaxy S7 Phone Case with black text that says Precision Transmission with a Black Tire

Let’s get down to business…with a custom full-color phone case! Elevate your company by giving your employees a sleek new phone case with the company’s logo. They’re sure to enjoy the free swag and you’ll benefit from free exposure because, as we all know, we take our phones everywhere. How’s that for a win-win?  


Custom Full Color Galaxy S8 Phone Case 

Royal Blue Custom Full Color Galaxy S7 Phone Case with Baby Blue tech logo and Link Tech text

Don’t be shy! Not only are these custom full-color phone cases perfect for giving to your employees – they’re great for current and future customers. Stay at the forefront of their minds by handing these out at conferences or trade shows. They’ll remember you whenever they have a need, all because of their sweet new custom gear. 


Custom Full Color Galaxy S8+ Tough Phone Case 

Mint Custom Full Color Galaxy S8+ Tough Phone Case Blue House Clipart and White Triple Construction text

Yeah, custom phone cases are a great way to promote your company but they’re also great at keeping your phone safe in general. You don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a phone just to have it fall out of your pocket while you’re on the job and watch the screen shatter in front of you. Customize one of our tougher phone cases with your business’s logo to boost the brand and keep your phone safe to kill two birds with one stone. 


For School:

Custom Full Color iPhone 6+ Phone Case 

White Custom Full Color iPhone 6+ Phone Case with a colorful dancer clipart that says College of Performing Arts

Part of a special team or program? Maybe you’re part of the lacrosse team or you’re into dance. Whatever you’re into, you can now show it off proudly with a custom full-color phone case created specifically for you and your squad. You’re already in sync when it comes to teamwork. You might as well get in sync with some custom gear too! 


Custom Full Color Galaxy S9 Phone Case 

Red Custom Full Color Galaxy S9 Phone Case with Periodic Table Clipart that says O Mg and Science Club text

What’s that? Are you the president of your school’s science club and in need of a fun way to unite your squad? Well, you’re in luck! Our custom phone cases are a perfect platform to mix some punny behavior, inside jokes, and of course, show off your school club of choice. 


Custom Full Color iPhone 6S Phone Case

White Custom Full Color Galaxy S9 Phone Case with school mascot clipart and high school text

We bet you can fondly remember being told to constantly put your phone away in class. Or maybe you’re the teacher who’s had to take someone’s phone away. No matter what, kids are likely to be on their phones in class, and if they’re going to have them they might as well show off their school spirit with one of our custom phone cases. [Custom Ink is not liable for any class distractions that may arise due to this post]. 

For a Cause

Custom Full Color iPhone XS Phone Case

Black Custom Full Color iPhone XS Phone Case with Domestic Violence charity text

When it comes to a cause or an event that means a lot to you, awareness is key. Gift a custom phone case to the donors who help you reach your goals and needs, or hand them out as promotional items at festivals, shows, and more. Along with good old fashioned word-of-mouth, it’s a great way to make sure your cause gets the attention it deserves. 

There are tons of ways you can use phone cases to promote your team, cause, club, and more, and this post is just the tip of the iceberg! Inspired? Hopefully, we’ve made a good enough case for you to check out some custom phone case templates to get started or try something new and check out our selection of custom phone wallets.  

Monica has been working with Custom Ink for about 7 years. Although she mostly works as a Designer on the Art & Design team, she enjoys bringing different worlds together through words. When not designing or writing, you can find her traveling to various cons, sporting events or just hanging out with her dog, Benny

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