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Custom Ink in the Wild — Moments Beyond the Tee

Way back in February, my friends and I came up with a great way to get together since we all live in different places in the US. The idea was to capitalize on our common love of motorcycles, adventure, and the outdoors. We decided to rent Adventure Motorcycles and travel across the more rugged parts of the Colorado Rockies with no particular destination in mind.

Besides making the reservations for the motorcycles and getting t-shirts made, we didn’t plan very much for the trip. The idea was to keep it as loose as possible and see where the mountain roads took us.

t-shirt motorcycles on a path

We arrived in Denver late one June afternoon, got the bikes situated as soon as we could, and rode up to Estes Park, the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, for the first leg of the trip. We stayed at cheap-o motels trying to keep the packing of things to a minimum. All we brought was safety gear, our t-shirts, and a toothbrush.

The second leg of the trip was over the Rockies, where I started to regret not getting long sleeve shirts. The scenery was amazing, with snow still left on the higher peaks. The road was an untied black ribbon draped over the landscape, disappearing over the next mountain range only to appear again, meandering through the valley.

friends pose together with a mountain in the background
group poses by motorcycles motorcycle on an open road

When we left the main road was when things got interesting—some of dirt trails were on the map, some weren’t. Questions swirled in our helmets with every fork in the path. Is there snow? Is the pass open? Are moose on the trail ahead with a thing against motorcycles? The unknown kept our energy up and all of us on our toes. Every few miles we would take off the helmets, turn off the bikes, and just smile stupidly at each other as we all would realize that we were on the trip of a lifetime.

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Sam is an Inker/Father/Adventurer/Photographer that loves to experience the exciting things in life. He’s always looking for the story behind every t-shirt design!

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