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13 Creative Thanksgiving T-shirts and Designs

Who’s ready for some turkey? We sure are! And nothing works up our appetite quite like some fun and creative Thanksgiving t-shirts to wear around the table. Whether you celebrate with your immediate family, or host a fete with your favorite people, we’re sure some custom gear will bring everyone together. We love funny turkey tees for your Thanksgiving morning turkey trot, or cozy hoodies for being outside. No matter how you celebrate, there’s something for everyone.

Show off your love for gravy or just your love of family—we’ve got tons of awesome graphics and templates that you can make your own. Below are 13 creative Thanksgiving t-shirts perfect for any tablescape. If you see a design you love, just click on the image and it will bring you right to our lab—there, you can update the product or shirt color, edit the design, and make it totally yours! Or, if you love it just the way it is, just add your size and get it shipped straight to you! You can even add designs to face masks!

13 Thanksgiving T-shirt Designs

Struttin’ Our Stuffin’

When it comes to the Thanksgiving table, we go right for the stuffing, so we love this “struttin’ our stuffin'” tee. Not to mention the fierce turkey models graphic—slay turkeys, slay! Your family will love wearing this tee during dinner, or it’s also perfect for your Thanksgiving morning walk, run, or 5K (or maybe all the struttin’ you’ll be doing after Thanksgiving to walk off that stuffin’).

This is My Eating Shirt

Thanksgiving is great, but what’s not so great? Finding something to wear that’s comfy and leaves room to fill up. Make it easier for everyone by customizing a super soft tee. It goes perfectly with jeans, leggings, or whatever you’re most cozy in. A “this is my eating” shirt is simple, to the point, and super funny. Did we mention rewearable? Wear it to any holiday celebration where good eats are involved.

Season’s Eatings

The holidays start earlier and earlier each year, so let’s not pretend Christmas cheer isn’t already around for Thanksgiving. This “season’s eatings” tee is perfect for those of you who are already in the holiday spirit. Throw it on a cozy long sleeve tee so that you can wear it all season long–Thanksgiving, cookie baking parties, Hanukkah feasts–it’s perfect for all of them.

Turkey & Gravy & Stuffing & Pie & Family

If you can’t pick just one favorite thing about Thanksgiving, this design has got you covered. If turkey, gravy, stuffing, pie, and family are your favorite, just click on this design and order it on any color tee you like. Or, edit the text and put in your own favorites. Some of ours? Mashed potatoes and homemade cranberry sauce.

All About That Baste

Meghan Trainor fans, rejoice! We’re sure the talented songstress would love this design for a Thanksgiving tee. We love the “all about that baste” play on lyrics, and we’re sure it’ll get anyone at your dinner table in a spirited mood. Why not turn on some music and dance off that meal you just ate, ehh?

Best Leg Day Ever

Gym rats out there know that leg day is the best, and the worst day of the week. But when Thanksgiving rolls around and you nab that Turkey leg well then, you need this “best leg day ever” shirt. It’s perfect for your Thanksgiving morning workout, family turkey trot, and since it’ll be so cozy and fun, you can wash it and wear it for dinner. Or don’t wash it, we won’t tell.

Eat Drink & Be Thankful

Maybe your family is funny enough and you just want a beautiful Thanksgiving t-shirt? Make this “eat drink & be thankful” tee your own. We love the willowy script font, and who doesn’t love pumpkins? This design is truly a work of art. It’s a classic look your whole family will love wearing, and will look good on everyone for years to come.


Is turktree even a thing? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But if you’re a believer, here is your #1 design! Whether it means you love putting a turkey on top of your Christmas tree instead of an angel, or you put the Christmas tree up right after you eat turkey, this “turkree” t-shirt is for those who love making their own traditions. We’ll be honest, that turkey does look pretty great at the top of the tree.

Let’s Get Basted

Thanksgiving is made up of three important groups–food, dessert, and wine. So if you’re getting basted, or wasted, or both, do it while wearing this super fun “let’s get basted” tee. The modern font is perfect for a family of all (legal) ages, and we’re sure the older members of your family will love the joke, too. While it’s the perfect tee for pulling up to the table, we think this design would be perfect on custom aprons as well. Maybe as a gift for your host!

Feast Mode

Beast mode at the gym, feast mode at the table. It’s simple, right? This “feast mode” design is perfect for the active folks in your life–or even if you’re not, you can still be a beast at the Thanksgiving table. This tee is great for your Thanksgiving morning heavy lifting session, or for gathering around the game on the TV while you nosh on appetizers.

50 Shades of Gravy

Maybe don’t explain this one to grandma, but we love us a “50 shades of gravy” t-shirt! Maybe you’re poking fun or maybe you just really love Christian Grey–this shirt is perfect for a group that likes to have a good time. We also can’t imagine how cozy it would be on a heathered, super soft gray tee.

Straight Outta Pumpkin Pie

If you love the “straight outta” meme and pumpkin pie, look no further, this design is for you. Put it on your favorite color long or short sleeve t-shirt (we love the orange) for your whole family to wear. We just aren’t going to be held responsible when you tell Uncle Lou that the pie is gone–good luck with that!

Run Now Pie Later

Have one of those families that signs up for a turkey trot each year? First of all, we’re so sorry. Second, you need this “run now pie later” shirt for your group. It’s a classic for any pumpkin, apple, or chocolate pie lover, and is something you can wear all year round. We love it on a tank top for those of you who live in warmer climates, but also because it’s perfect to rewear at the gym.

We hope you love one of these designs for your own gear. Or if you want to see more of our Thanksgiving templates, check them out here. Still need some more inspiration? Take a look at our Thanksgiving team names, Thanksgiving slogans, and Thanksgiving traditions to start. Which is your favorite, or what other funny slogans would you want to put on your shirt? Tell us in the comments below!

Kate wants her work to impact the little but important moments in people’s lives—like birthdays, anniversaries, and family celebrations. She loves coming up with witty copy that might inspire someone to create an awesome t-shirt!

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