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Ink of the Week Winners

Girl Scouts Never Give Up!” and “Four Diamonds Conquer Walk/Run” are the winners of this week’s Ink of the Week contest!

Rylee, the fearless leader of this Girl Scout troop, is always lending a helping hand and encouraging her troop members to never give up on tasks and obstacles thrown their way. She is known for saying, “Girl Scouts Never Give Up,” and because of this, troop leaders decided to not only coin the phrase as the troop’s motto, but to put it on something that can be worn during camp outings. The group turned to Custom Ink to design bandanas for an upcoming camping trip and parents went online to order individual ones through the Group Order Form. The result: custom bandanas that made all the other troops jealous!

Team “Miles for Mckenna” recently participated in the Conquer Run benefiting the Four Diamonds Fund. Four Diamonds’ mission is to defeat childhood cancer by helping children and their families through support and innovative research. Miles for Mckenna were the stars of the walk as they rocked some bright and beautiful butterflies on the backs of their long-sleeved tees!

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Jeslyn is a Social Media & Content Coordinator at Custom Ink.

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