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CustomInk Offers Mud Runners Custom Artwork and Fonts to Create “Mud Duds”

by Jeff Gregory

in CustomInk News & Events

Mud Run T-Shirt DesignOver the past five years, the popularity of “mud runs” — cross country races with obstacles — has exploded. It’s estimated that more than one million people have participated in this new genre of adventure sport. The increasing popularity of the sport has led us to create special resources just for mud runners to make their own mud run uniform t-shirts, or “mud duds” (available at

“Mud runners across the country are training and getting ‘down and dirty’ with their friends and family. CustomInk t-shirts have the power to unite them into a team for the big day,” commented Marc Katz, CustomInk’s president and co-founder. “Completing one of these races is an achievement to be commemorated, and a mud-stained, custom t-shirt makes the perfect trophy!”

As the official headquarters for mud race gear, we offer a variety of fonts and mud-race themed artwork to help mud runners design the perfect custom tee for their upcoming events. Mud runners can select from an artist-designed template or easily create custom designs of their own through the Online Design Lab.

To celebrate the unique and sometimes wacky mud race experience, we also created a glossary of “dirty words” — fun terms that capture the essence of the mud race experience. Runners can incorporate the terms in their own t-shirt designs, or utilize CustomInk templates.

Here’s a small sample of  “Dirty Words”: The CustomInk Glossary of Mud Run Terminology:

  • Bale Out — when you run and leap to secure footing on the hay bales, only to realize you didn’t get enough momentum and have to try again
  • Bake n’ Cake — standing in the sun until the mud that covers you becomes a dirty crust
  • Barbie-Queue — the line that forms at the barbed wire obstacle while people observe others and figure out their strategy
  • Belly Slop — when you wrongly assume a mud obstacle is slick enough that you can slide on your stomach, and instead plant yourself stomach-first in the muck
  • Birthday Suitors — those men who choose to complete mud races in various stages of undress, or in Speedos
  • The Electric Slide — the maneuver you use to avoid live electrical wires in particularly challenging mud races
  • Fon-dudes — men so totally covered in mud they look like they were dipped in a chocolate fountain
  • The Freshwater 15 — the weight that your clothes and shoes gain after going through the first water obstacle
  • Kicking Ash — clearing the fire hazard in one glorious leap

For mud runners participating in races around the country this year, we are offering a voucher for one free custom t-shirt with an order of 10 shirts or more. Visit our “Mud Duds” page to learn more. The offer expires 5/31/13.


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