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Inker Story: Nathan H.

by Allyson Ayers

in CustomInk News & Events

CustomInk Software Engineer Nathan

When asked about our most popular product, t-shirts, most Inkers have replied with one word: comfy. It’s a good thing since Inkers come to work in t-shirts nearly every day. One Inker in particular takes his love of t-shirts to an extreme. Each week, Nathan H. wears a different theme of shirts. Here are four of what he calls his “nerd conference” shirts…

Themed Custom T-Shirts

He also has an emo theme, one of animals, and of course, his beloved Inker shirts, just to name a few. Nathan joined the CustomInk team as a Software Engineer in May 2010. He plays guitar, piano and drums and considered getting a degree in Musical Theory but opted for the technology track instead… We’re glad he did as he’s a great addition to our technology team! But the best fun fact about this Inker is his dedication to t-shirts.

Before joining CustomInk, Nathan maybe owned 110 t-shirts, which is really impressive! Nathan recently organized his closet to find he now owns 145 t-shirts. He was made for this company. Check out a photo of his closet full of them:

T-Shirts In Closet

Our love for t-shirts – especially Nathan’s – is something special we share that no other company does! How many t-shirts do you have in your closet?

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