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Who doesn’t love a good holiday gathering!? I know I do and it doesn’t take long for every weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas to fill up with festivities galore. The parties I remember the most – besides the ones with bad karaoke and 8 different pies – are those where the host or hostess leave their guests (namely me) with something more than just heartburn. ‘Tis the season to be giving, right? So here are some ideas for fabulous holiday party gifts and stocking stuffers…

Holiday Ornaments


I love the idea of a customized ornament to commemorate a holiday get-together. Our ornaments come in 20 different colors so you don’t have to settle for traditional green or red. Plus each ornament is packaged in its very own box which makes them easy to stack by the door so party-goers can grab one on the way out (if you can get them to leave)!

*UPGRADE*: Write the name of each guest on the bottom of each ornament box. Then pass out ornaments to each guest as they arrive, making sure not to give anyone their own name. Let guests search out the person whose ornament they’ve been given. There’s no better way to break the ice and jump-start some party mingling!

Holiday Mugs


Ornaments are very festive but perhaps you’re looking for something your friends and family can use all year round. Any one of our custom mugs would be great for hot apple cider, warm tea, or ice cream…yes, I eat ice cream out of a mug – don’t’ judge. You can design on glass, ceramic and even mugs of the traveling persuasion. And with a multitude of colors and shapes, you’ll surely find one that is exactly right for your party.

*UPGRADE*: Fill a small bag with hot chocolate powder and marshmallows. Tie with a festive ribbon and place inside each mug. Attach a hand-made nametag to the handle and voila – a perfect winter-friendly treat!

Custom Champagne Flutes


And for the ultimate party of the year (hello New Year’s Eve), put your fancy pants on and spread some cheer with the 5.75 ounce Nuance Flute. Your guests will be clinking in the New Year stylishly with elegant and beautifully customized drinkware.

*UPGRADE*: If you don’t feel like passing flutes out to be used at the party, fill them with jelly beans, M&Ms, or any other small candy and set them around the party space for sweet treats at everyone’s fingertips.

Happy holidays and happy party-going!!

Design on these featured products in the CustomInk Lab: Glass Tree Ornaments, Bistro Mug, and 5.75 ounce Nuance Flute.

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