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16 Ways to Celebrate Singles Awareness Day

Single on Valentine’s Day? Take comfort in knowing you aren’t alone—the US Census reported 110 million single people living in the US last year. But, as any single person knows, the worst part of Valentine’s Day is watching couples canoodle. In an effort to move away from bitterness the holiday brings and instead recognize independence, Single’s Awareness Day was born. Also known as National Singles Day, February 15th is a day designed to celebrate those who haven’t settled down. Though its purpose is plentiful, the idea is to celebrate your singleness! Instead of focusing on what you love about somebody else, this day is all about YOU! If you’re looking for ideas on how to spend your day of self-love, check out a few of our favorite ways to celebrate Singles Awareness Day below.

16 Ways to Celebrate Singles Awareness Day

  1. Show Yourself Some Love
  2. Who needs another person to tell them how great they are? Think about what you love most about yourself and write yourself a card or a love letter. Remind yourself of your best qualities—like what a sweetheart you are to friends—and how hard you’ve been working on yourself lately—those new year resolutions are totally paying off, good looking! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t send yourself some flowers and candy—you deserve it!

  3. Channel your Chi
  4. Everyone knows that balance is important. However, we often neglect to center ourselves and work toward inner peace. Use today to meditate, get acupuncture, or treat yourself to a massage. Relax, reflect, and heal as you raise your state of consciousness. This can lead to more energy, creativity, help building relationships, and so much more!

  5. Host a Singles Soiree
  6. So what if your coupled up friends were showered with gifts and taken out to fancy dinners? Single folks deserve to be pampered, too! Spend your Single’s Awareness Day hosting a get together for your comrades in the single trenches. You can get as creative as you’d like with the party planning, just make sure to have the staples—a place to celebrate, snacks, and good music. Some platonic gift giving is sure to to lift your single spirits, too!

  7. Have an Ex Bonfire

  8. We are all guilty of holding on to things from past relationships that we’d be better off letting go. Though the temptation to hold on to that old sweatshirt may be great, you will feel free and fabulous once your purge it from your life! You can do this solo or gather up a group of friends and just let it burn. Be sure to be safe when holding your bonfire and have the marshmallows ready and the fire department on speed dial—who knows, you might just land yourself a firefighter of your very own!

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  9. Rescue your Romeo
  10. While this star-crossed love won’t be romantic, adopting a pet is a great way to find a sense of companionship! Make sure you are in a place where you can dedicate the time and money to taking care of an animal, and follow your heart to a new fluffy friend. If you already have the purr-fect pet, spend some quality time making sure they know just how much they are loved. Remember, animal cuddles are a great way to assuage feelings of loneliness!

  11. Create Something
  12. It’s all too easy to let the days pass without working on things that we’re passionate about. Set aside some time to paint, write, bake, or make music. If it’s more your style, cook a mouth-watering meal, or put together that piece of IKEA furniture that’s been collecting dust in your closet. Regardless of the activity, allow yourself to create something and then bask in the job well done!

  13. Gorge Yourself with Goodies
  14. What better time to allow yourself a cheat day? Whether you prefer pizza, chocolate, ice cream, or all of the above, let yourself succumb to your cravings! There is no need to count calories; the gym will still be there tomorrow.

  15. See a Show
  16. Have you been itching to attend a concert? See a Broadway show? Whatever the production, buy yourself a ticket! There is no shame in attending a ball game alone or laughing ’til you cry at a comedy show solo. Allow yourself to enjoy your own company as well right along with some great entertainment!

  17. Do Good, Feel Good
  18. Maybe you don’t want to binge eat, party, or treat yourself today. Setting aside some time to brighten somebody else’s day is always good for the soul. Visit a nursing home and elate the elderly or stop by a hospital and kick it with some kids. Nobody ever felt worse after making somebody smile!

  19. Seek out the Spiritual
  20. Whether you’re curious to know about future career prospects, potential love interests, or how many children you’ll have, why not ask the divine for some guidance? See a psychic, get your palm read, or attend a tarot reading. Who knows what you might learn about yourself?

  21. Get up and Go
  22. There is nothing quite like traveling without a companion. While the idea might seem frightening at first, you owe yourself the chance to see how freeing it is venture off on your own. Once you’re lounging on the beach or hiking that mountain, you won’t even remember to feel lonely or scared!

  23. Look for Love
  24. If you can’t shake the feeling that you wish you had a partner, it might be worth considering an online dating subscription. While this might not sound like your cup of tea, there really is nothing to lose by putting yourself out there and seeing what might come your way! Nervous it’s not for you? You can always cancel the membership later.

  25. Give Yourself a Gift
  26. Buy yourself that new computer you’ve been eyeing or that outfit that might be a little too expensive. You’ve gone way overboard for somebody else in the past—why not do the same for yourself?

  27. Manage your Money
  28. Though it might not sound exhilarating, fiscal responsibility is important! Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, why not take a look at your finances and try and get them in order? Check your credit score, pay off a loan, or download a money management app. Whatever you do, your future self will thank you!

  29. Wine
  30. Need I say more?

  31. Do. Absolutely. NOTHING.
  32. Life is busy! These days, it seems even our weekends are filled with people to see and tasks to complete. What better way to celebrate your Singles Awareness Day than by spending some time alone and allowing yourself to be totally lazy? Stay in bed all day, binge-watch your favorite shows, and eat whatever takeout your heart desires. Don’t set expectations for yourself, and don’t beat yourself up for neglecting your to-do list. After all, today is all about loving yourself!

Regardless of how you choose to count down the hours, remember that this day is yours for the taking. While others may spend the second week of February focusing on somebody else, this is a perfect opportunity for you to look out for number one!

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