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Polar Bear Plunge Team T-Shirt Photo
There’s nothing quite like the rush one gets from diving into freezing cold water in the middle of winter. It may be pretty crazy, but for those that have participated in a Polar Bear Plunge before it’s quite a thrill (I speak from past experience having done it in college)… And we at CustomInk have seen many an order in the past for polar plunge t shirts and sweats for groups & teams that partake in the event. So we’re happy to share some of our favorite polar plunge team names with you. There’s a bunch that are quite amusing and they make a great add to your hoodies and long sleeves to don post ice bath. Check ‘em out, and be safe out there, polar bears!

Creative and Funny Polar Plunge Team Names

The Frozen Popsicles

Ssssssooooo Cccccooooold

The Age of Shivery



Beer Pong Team Names Photo
Participating in a beer pong tournament and need a creative team name that will make the competition shudder…? Or really just laugh out loud? We’ve put together some clever names for your team that are perfect to stick on personalized beer pong t-shirts for your next event. While not incredibly raunchy, we’d like to think they’re pretty creative. Check them out below and be the coolest kids at the tables.

Funny Beer Pong Team Names That Aren’t Too Dirty

Sudsy Balls

Re-Rack Attack

Mmmmmm Beer

Super Splash Bros.



Chili Cookoff Team Name Photo
In a few weeks, CustomInk is going to hold its 1st Annual Chili Cookoff, which is exciting for many amateur cooks here in the office – especially since there’s expected to be many chilis to try and prizes to be won. So while prepping my chili-recipe, I was trying to think of a good name for my cookoff team and even the chili itself. And then it hit me… This would be a great opportunity to share some names with our blog readers found during research! So after perusing through some customer orders and brainstorming a few funny names with colleagues, we compiled a list of our favorites to share.

Check them out, add them to your cookoff t-shirts or personalized aprons and look your best at your chili cookoff extravaganza – so that if you don’t win, you’ll still be stylin’.

Clever & Funny Chili Cookoff Team Names

Red Hot Chili Preppers

Beans & Jeans



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Turkey Trot Team Photo
With Thanksgiving just over a month away, we wanted to give you a head start on your turkey trot race prep. I know I can’t enjoy a big Thanksgiving dinner unless I have a good run in on turkey day, so for all of you fellow fit-foodies, here’s some fun team names for your group. We’ve compiled them from some customer orders and have come up with a few on our own. They’re great to add to thanksgiving day t-shirts, especially on warm long sleeves and crewneck sweatshirts for fellow participants.

Creative & Funny Turkey Trot Team Names

Gravy Train

Sweet Potatoes

Gobblin’ Along

The Butterball Express



Swim Team Name Photo
Need an idea for a creative or funny swim club team name? We’ve compiled some of our favorites from customer t-shirt orders and have come up with a few clever ones on our own. Check them out below, and have a swimmingly good time designing your very own swimming sweatshirts, or custom jackets in our design lab.

Creative Swim Team Names for Your Club or Rec Swim Team

Mighty Mantas

Stingray City

Life Aquatic



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