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30 Anime Club Name Ideas

Anime Club

From classic favorites to new seasonal gems, anime series and films offer a little something for fans of every genre. Whether you’re dissecting common tropes, looking for thematic elements, or simply enjoying an action-packed adventure, coming together with your club in custom t-shirts can make streaming your favorite anime shows even more exciting. Make your next watch party even more official by giving your group an awesome title with these fun anime club name ideas.

30 Anime Club Name Ideas

    Kawaii Kids

    Doki Doki Anime Club

    Space Cowboys

    Issekai Survivors

    Anime Association

    A.A.A. (All About Anime)

    Otaku Spot

    Boku no Anime Club

    Anime Plus Ultra

    Show Your Stand

    Ouran Host Club

    Adventures in Anime

    Foreign Media Exchange

    Shonen Jumpers

    Team Gurren


    Dubs and Subs

    Ghibli Groupies

    Second Cour

    Trope Trackers

    Manga in Motion

    Over 9000

    Dere Decoders

    Hot Spring Episode

    Fans Without Filler

    Tsundere Supporters

    Transfer Students

    OPs and EDs

    Slice of Life

    Foreign Language Films Fun

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