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CustomInk provides a lot of food for our team during the workweek: breakfast on Mondays, lunch on Fridays and snacks in-between. Kim H. of our Production Art team wanted to give a new meaning to our Free Food Friday, so she suggested giving up Friday lunch at CustomInk during the month of December and instead sending the money not spent on food to a good cause.

Because of her generous suggestion, CustomInk implemented an annual “Food for Thought” program during the month of December in which all Inkers have the choice to opt out of any of our weekly meals (Friday lunch and/or Monday breakfast). It’s left up to each Inker how much, if any, they want to participate in the program. They can choose not to participate, to opt out of some or all meals, and/or to give a monetary donation. CustomInk orders only enough food for those eating each meal and the rest of the money – that would have been spent on meals – goes to the Capital Area Food Bank. We’ve raised almost $8,000 since our first “Food for Thought” December in 2008!

Thanks to Kim, a thoughtful Inker, the CustomInk team can choose not to be fed each week in December so that more people in need can be fed each winter! Stay tuned for this year’s donation tally…


The CustomInk Giving Tree

November brings falling leaves, lots of food and, of course, Black Friday – the first day of the holiday shopping frenzy! Maybe you’re already in the giving spirit or maybe the bug hasn’t bitten you yet. Or maybe you break out into a cold sweat just thinking about having to buy gifts that your pre-teen nephews might not consider “cool” and, in fact, might call “lame” – gasp!… or maybe that’s just me. Read more –>


Here at the office we just had a bake sale to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure. In an ideal world, I think there should be a system for matching donations to the number of calories consumed… but I guess there are far too many tasty things in this world for that to work. Read more –>


Two years ago, I decided to walk 39 miles in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Washington, DC. Besides a few blisters and sore muscles, I “walked” away with an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and an awareness that I had become part of the fight to end a devastating disease. Read more –>