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Kat Hubbs

2011 Pub Crawl T-Shirt

March is fast approaching, so my friends Mary and Jason have helped me create new St. Patrick‘s Day design templates. Each year, customers order shirts for local parades celebrating Irish culture. But, I have to say, most customers get their custom t-shirts with the intent of honoring the patron saint of Ireland with a nice cold pint.

If you and your friends are planning a bar crawl, what better way to keep track of everyone than by having matching pub crawl shirts? Heck, you can go one step further and number all your friends’ shirts to keep tabs on them. A quick line-up at the end of the night…and you’ll know if someone is missing. Or you can use the back of your shirt to list all the stops you plan to visit throughout the night. You can even get one special shirt made for your designated driver so people know you are traveling safely.

So, whether you are Irish or just happen to love corned beef and wearing green, you can’t go wrong with a new shirt! And when you clink your glasses together at the pub, don’t forget to say, “Sláinte” (slaan-cha). Here’s to your health! And be safe in your matching t-shirts for St. Patrick’s Day!


CustomInk Production Artist Keshaun

The Artist Spotlight this month is on Keshaun, one of our Satisfaction Assurance Associates. Keshaun is one of the many people who scrutinize your order and make sure your intent is communicated to the artwork and logistics teams.

Before he was finalizing orders, Keshaun was earning his BFA at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, focusing on painting and printmaking. He also spent three years as a scientific illustration intern at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

His current work draws on movies and pop culture, incorporating figurative elements with science fiction themes. Form and function play a big role in his imagery, and so he incorporates his realistic technique with the surreal. He wants the viewer to believe that his subjects could exist and function in life. I find that even in his abstract works there is a tangible atmosphere. The high color contrast and elegant way dark shapes filter in at the edges implies a vast space beyond what we can see.

Now, a little bragging… At CustomInk, when someone goes above and beyond their everyday duties to help a customer or fellow Inker, they get a WOW from their teammates. Each month the person with the most WOWs is rewarded, and last year, Keshaun won 6 times! He is one of many Inkers who represent our dedication to making sure our customers are happy!


Custom I Love T-Shirt

It’s February, and you know what that means… Presidents Day Shirts! You mean you don’t want a Grover Cleveland Rocks shirt? Alright, alright… I just wanted to write about shirts for a holiday that people can enjoy without dates. But for those of you with that special someone, here are a few t-shirt designs you can order for yourself or your date.

Looking for something extra to make your proposal really unique? Well, it’s easy to order just one shirt for that big moment. Or, maybe you and some friends want to make a statement against the establishment and wear one of the classier styles at the bar this Valentine’s Day? There’s no doubt they will break the ice… but you may have to prove yourself beyond that. Whatever your plans are this year, a personalized Valentine’s Day t-shirt may be just the thing to make this February 14th better than the last.


January’s Artist Spotlight is on Elizabeth, one of our Procurement Captains. Basically, she gets the right t-shirts to the right printers as fast as possible. She has to juggle inventory, shipping, and manage the time it takes to get t-shirts to their destination. Let’s just say there are quite a few maps of the US & Canada papering the Procurement Team’s walls in the office. Read more –>


Custom T-Shirt Clocks

If you follow us on Facebook or have read Our Story,  you may think we hang out in our t-shirts and flip-flops having fun all day. Well, that is mostly true… but like any office, we have meetings. It may be hard to believe, but our conference rooms didn’t have any clocks! Meetings would get off track, run late, or just carry on into infinity. So, to solve this problem, we decided it would be fun to make some clocks. Our resident handyman Jeff cut wood in the shape of t-shirts, of course, and people volunteered to decorate them. The only rule was to have marks indicating the hours; after that, Inkers could create anything they wanted! We got back so many different styles from people in all areas of the company, not just from the art departments. They are covered in fabric, paint, collage, text, paint chips, and even one made of stained glass. The handmade clocks are on display in our gallery this month so everyone can see them before they find a permanent home in a conference room. Check them out! Read more –>


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