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28 Tap Dance Slogans & Sayings

Put on a show in custom tap dance apparel from Custom Ink! Whether you need some practice gear for your studio or warmups to wear to your big competition, we have plenty of t-shirts, sweats, and fun apparel to make your troupe stand out. Need some inspiration before you hit the stage? Check out our tap dance slogans & sayings below. If something really clicks, personalize t-shirts for your whole group.

28 Tap Dance Slogans & Sayings

    I’ll shuffle some things.

    Me & the old ball & change.

    Me & my click.

    Putting my best foot forward, and backward, and forward again.

    Our feet make music.

    Too heavy on my feet for ballet.

    Let me see your barrel roll.

    Can you dig it?

    Be glad you don’t live under me.

    I’d tap that.

    Flap & shuffle & riff & glide & stomp.

    Every day I’m shufflin’.

    Tap dancing is my therapy.

    Follow your own rhythm.

    Sing with your feet.

    Your routine is our warmup.

    Keep calm and tap dance.

    Make your feet come alive.

    Precision & repetition.

    I hope you dance.

    Dance away your troubles.

    You say I’m stompy I say I’m a tap dancer.

    Tap your toes.

    I’m an athlete and an artist.

    We’re a little riffraff.

    You don’t know fear til you learn fan kicks.

    Got a flap in my step.

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