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20 Scottish Team Names

No team name? Nae bother! We’ve put together a wee list of Scottish team names just for you. If you find a team name that tickles your fancy, check out our design lab where you can personalize Scottish-themed t-shirts for you clan. Custom apparel is the perfect way to represent your Scottish pride, great to don on a family trip, or wear to your next highland games!

20 Scottish Team Names

    The Highlanders

    Remember the Tartans

    Great Scots

    Half Pints

    Loch Ness Monsters

    The Royals

    Kilted Clan

    We’re Rubbish

    Hops Scotch

    The Braves

    Whiskey Business


    Pubs & Pies

    Better Than England

    The Unicorns

    Cheers & Beers

    Will Work for Haggis



    Some Like It Scot

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